Candlelight Concerts Canceled Today

Both afternoon and evening performances of tonight’s Candlelight Concerts have been canceled, due to weather. Unfortunately, no alternate dates were available.

Fortunately, Staples audio production teacher Jim Honeycutt recorded the final rehearsal. Information on how to buy CDs — and when to listen to it on WWPT-FM — will be posted on “06880” when it is available.

For photos of last night’s performance — and a link to a video of the “Hallelujah Chorus” — click here.

Candlelight concert

8 responses to “Candlelight Concerts Canceled Today

  1. I feel sorry for all the performers, especially seniors, who spent so much time in preparation and now cannot do the two performances today. It is barely snowing here at this point, and the roads are all clear, but concerts were canceled here as well. 🙁

  2. Hi Dan – Mr. Landon said on the recording that the concert will be held tomorrow.

  3. I just called again and heard the update – very unfortunate.

  4. This is heartbreaking–and infuriatingly unnecessary. Think of the blood, sweat, and tears those 200 kids have put into preparing this annual tradition. Canceled–for what? The main roads are perfectly clear, and the snowfall is nothing more than a dusting.

    If they’re that terrified of a half-inch of snow, why don’t they just reschedule?

    This was a bad call, and it’s utterly unfair to both the performers and the audiences who would have loved to hear them.

  5. Nancy Powers Conklin

    I am so disappointed. We look forward to this concert every year that we are able to attend. I especially feel sorry for the seniors who would have performed Sing We Noel and the Hallelujah Chorus for the last time in high school! I listened to the recording of the cancellation multiple times and no one mentioned rescheduling. Matter of fact, it was stated that due to logistical conflicts, the concert will NOT be rescheduled.

  6. Too bad that a bit of normal, wintery New England weather has to shut down a treasured and consistently high-quality concert – and most likely the entire town, county and state! We’re not talking a Nor’easter or blizzard here and it makes me wonder what kind of message we are sending to our kids when things seem to paralyse in epic proportion for even the tiniest bit of inclemency. Why not tomorrow as a make up date?

  7. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Nothing says “Westport” best than the annual Candlelight Concerts.
    I still have the programs from 1974 and 1975. The music so well chosen and so well performed, especially by soloists, including Kevin Gray.

  8. Jocelyn Barandiaran

    Not that weather forecasters are always right, but doesn’t anyone listen to the weather report? It is never an easy call to cancel an event, especially one that has become such a warm, wonderful community tradition. But I do not fault Mr. Landon, Mr. Dodig or others who made this decision. Weather forecasters are anticipating a very heavy second wave of snow beginning around 8pm tonight, heavier and more moisture-laden than the fine snow we’ve been seeing since this morning. By the time tonight’s concert would let out, road conditions could be quite hazardous. If you were organizing the concert, would you not feel responsible for the safety not only of all the performers, but also for their families who need to get them to the concert, as well as for the audience? As a ticket-holder who was looking forward to tonight’s concert, I do wish the concert would be rescheduled, but I have to trust that the organizers — who put this concert together for the community and are well aware of the heart the performers put into it and the affection the community has for it — also know the logistics and what is / is not possible. In the spirit of the season — stay warm, be safe, and enjoy the video excerpt of Friday night’s Candelight Concert so graciously provided by Dan.