December 14, 2012

Newtown collage

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  1. What a stirring remembrance on the first anniversary of this tragedy. Words matter but this time they don’t. Thank you, Dan.

  2. This posting is to pay tribute to those killed in Newtown and it should not become a political debate about the Second Amendment. When you look at the pictures of these little kid, you can’t help but feel a deep sadness, not only for those lives snuffed out that day, but for their entire family.

    • I respect your thinking, Jack, but I ask why shouldn’t this become a political debate about the 2nd Amendment? If we had more such debates about it in the past, we may have prevented some of these senseless killings.

      • A. David Wunsch

        I don’t agree with Backiel but do agree with Singer. The technology of firearms in the 21st century is utterly different from what was in use when the Constitution was framed. There is no way this Newtown tragedy could have occurred with the inaccurate and slow firing weapons in use when the 2nd amendment was ratified . Our civil rights are always being modified as technologies evolve. As someone who has long taught the history of radio, I’m acutely aware of how freedom of expression had to be compromised in the early 20th century as wireless telegraphy and radio evolved . Starting in 1912 in America, you couldn’t just put up an antenna and start broadcasting, Your freedom of speech was being limited — and rightly so–because of a new technology.. And the freedoms surrounding the possession and use of accurate rapid fire weapons have to be carefully limited, as they are in the other industrialized democracies. We are the world’s leader in firearms deaths among technologically advanced republics. We should be ashamed of that,

        A. David Wunsch
        Staples High School 1956

        • I didn’t want this to be a political debate because making it a political debate detracts from the purpose of the posting, which was to honor those that died in Newtown. We had a huge political debate on this blog already about the Second Amendment.

          • A. David Wunsch

            Despite our “huge debate” nothing has been accomplished to deal with this problem.This debate should go on day after day. We must not forget this tragedy nor most especially the need to prevent further ones. You can be sure that there will be more Newtowns unless there are major changes in Federal law.
            A. David Wunsch

  3. We will always remember this day and hope for a safer and better tomorrow. Dorothy & Jon Fox


  4. RIP

  5. Simply heartbreaking. Sending love to all each of these families as they continue to cope with their daily pain.

  6. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Thanks, Dan for a moving tribute no words can express. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims and the Newtown/Sandy Hook community.

  7. Adam Schwartz '75

    Never ever forget…… Ever!