Life Is Good. I Can Park On The Sidewalk.

First came the post office. Now The Granola Bar — home of the $1 mini-muffin — has brought even more traffic.

The Playhouse Square parking lot is more crowded than ever.

I know. I live in the condos behind it.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can just drive on the sidewalk and park your Jeeps.

Parking on sidewalk

Yes, Jeeps.

The alert — and pretty pissed-off — “06880” reader who took this photo said there was actually another Jeep parked in front of this one. Also on the sidewalk.

The gate to the Westport Country Playhouse lot is now open. Their parking lot is huge.

Of course, that means actually walking a few more steps than if you plant your Jeep on the sidewalk.

Nah. Life is good.

35 responses to “Life Is Good. I Can Park On The Sidewalk.

  1. Melissa Ceriale

    Maybe more Westporters should join the Fitbit craze. Then they will WANT to park farther away to get their daily steps. Or, even better, leave the car at home and walk.

  2. Jaclyn Jeffrey

    I can appreciate the disdain for those who park on the sidewalk… appalling, rude, etc. However, in the spirit of good citizenship, perhaps you might consider blacking out the license plate. On a related note… your obvious disdain for Steam (with that absurd post about the owners oversleeping) Blue Mercury (another absurd post about the door being left open while the heat was on… and not bothering to inquire as to whether or not there was a reason for the door being open) and now The Granola Bar, “home of the $1 mini-muffin.” I am beginning to see a pattern here…

    • Someone brazen enough to park on a sidewalk doesn’t give a rat’s a** about being publicly discovered nor do they deserve any consideration by blacking out their plate (it isn’t identifiable in this photo and the “life is good” would be the telling factor here and not the plate ) and just what is the pattern you are beginning to see?

      • Jaclyn Jeffrey

        Lawrence, the pattern I am beginning to see? I was not referring to the parking I was referring to the phrase “$1 mini-muffin.” Mr. Woog, at least as of late, seems to have a fondness for bashing new businesses in town… directly or indirectly. It is offensive and lacking in civility… much like the person who chose to park on the sidewalk.

  3. Sandy Soennichsen

    Dan, I don’t believe it, not in our town, our beloved Westport. That picture must have been photoshopped. No one would be brazen enough to do that. Oh I’m sorry, I forgot, this is the modern Westport, the land of the entitled people, the ones who feel they have the right to do whatever they want. Oh well, I guess it just keeps getting worse.
    But lo, there is an opportunity here for a young, market savvy person for a chance to make thousands, if not millions. Why not get a golf cart, and go around the Playhouse parking lots (both of them) and for a measly lets say $5 a pop, drive them from their cars to the stores, then back again for $10 since now they’ll be burdened with packages.
    Now what is that number for golf carts unlimited?

  4. Sandy Soennichsen

    Jaclyn… out the license plate on a person like that? Absolutely not, too bad it’s not possible to put their name and address on the pic. They don’t deserve to be treated “in the spirit of good citizenship,” they should have been ticketed and hit with like a $100 fine. But the parking lot is private, and the owners wouldn’t have the nerve to even chastise them because then the store owners would complain about driving customers away.
    If you see a pattern Jaclyn, it’s the appalling attitude of many of the people that live in town now.

  5. Isn’t bad parking just an extension of bad driving?

    BTW, I will cop to being a big defender of the Steam story as pretty amusing and my removed location limits my ability to get the joke about the $1 mini-muffin but could we play a game and name the good reasons for keeping the door to your store open on a freezing day? I’ll start…

    “It’s hot in here and I don’t know how to work the thermostat.”

    –Evan Stein

  6. Jaclyn Jeffrey

    Sandy, I agree with you 100% that they should have been ticketed and the appalling nature of the sense of entitlement that would lead someone to park on the the sidewalk. Leaving their license plate exposed? Vigilante type reporting, doesn’t sit well with me. In terms of the pattern I am beginning to see… I was not referring to the parking I was referring to the phrase “$1 mini-muffin.” Mr. Woog, at least as of late, seems to have a fondness for bashing new businesses… directly or indirectly.

  7. Jaclyn Jeffrey

    Evan, I can’t imagine why Blue Mercury would leave the heat on and the door open… perhaps to entice customers into a nice warm store on a cold day? I have said many times, Mr. Woog’s blog doesn’t have to meet the journalistic standards of say the NYT or WSJ… but that said, he might have inquired vs. assuming … it was opportunistic. Mr. Woog seems to jump at opportunities to bash new businesses in town.

  8. Not to get into a battle with you, Jaclyn, but what about my post about Kibberia (Middle Eastern restaurant)? Painting With a Twist (new painting-and-wine drinking business)? The re-opening of Luxe? Small businesses all — and all positive stories, all posted within the past 2 weeks.

    Seriously, I appreciate your comments — that’s the whole idea of “06880.” We welcome everyone — and I can take plenty of criticism. But it’s not like I’m forcing you to read what I write.

  9. January Stewart

    I was at the hardware store today across from Fresh Market. The parking lot was a madhouse, so I parked in back. While I’m in there, the man in front of me waiting to pay kept telling the cashier to please make it quick, because he’s double parked. “I’m in a hurry.” What was he buying? Same exact thing I was buying. Those metal poles you stick in the ground so the snow plow guy will know where the yard ends and the street begins. But he was in a hurry. His time is obviously valuable. To be fair, the back parking lot was pretty much full also, but there were places to park that didn’t block anyone. Or you could just double-park out front and expect people to rush for you.

  10. January Stewart

    Jaclyn, I really have to disagree with you here. Dan’s blog is so very PRO Westport small business. He’s one of the biggest cheerleaders of Westport out there. He’s giving props to the schools, and the restaurants, and businesses all the time. And he makes jokes. And they’re usually pretty good too. I nearly spit my coffee out when I read the mini muffin line. Your line about journalistic standards seems a bit pompous. Have a coffee, and a mini muffin, and relax.

  11. Jaclyn Jeffrey

    Dan, I must say I did read your review of Kibberia and was taken aback by the glowing review. I should have emailed and commented on that to you. I read your blog because for the most part I enjoy it and frequently learn something new or interesting about local people, places, etc. I am bothered by some of the flippant blog posts you write that unnecessarily bash new businesses… it seems either personal or completely arbitrary. In any case, I am not bothered enough to not continue reading the blog… I will make my own decisions about establishments to frequent. I worry about though about those less inclined to do so and the impact on local businesses as a result.

    • Thanks, Jaclyn. We’ll agree to disagree — that’s the beauty of Westport (and, hopefully, “06880”). Let’s have a mini-muffin at Granola Bar (we’ll split the cost). Just let me know when you’ll be there. We can meet by my car, on the sidewalk.

  12. Jaclyn Jeffrey

    January, all free to disagree of course. My comment about journalistic standards is hardly pompous. Some posts that Mr. Woog has written have unnecessarily bashed local businesses. Mr. Woog is not a reporter, the blog is not the NYT but that said I think he does bear responsibility for considering the impact of his words… particularly when they unfavorably highlight a new business for something absurd … e.g, for the owner oversleeping, for leaving a door open when the heat is on, etc.

  13. Sandy Soennichsen

    I don’t think Dan has a bashing bone in his body! Well, maybe when it comes to soccer, but then it’s referred to as tenacity. He doesn’t bash, he just points out things that seem a bit out of the ordinary.
    Now, I’ve never been to the Granola Bar, and the reference to the $1 mini muffin might be just what they charge. And in this town, $1 for a mini muffin doesn’t seem out of line, of course depending upon how mini. The question is though: are they good tasting mini muffins?

  14. Dan, thank you for ALWAYS, being fair, interesting, informative, caring, hilarious, and above all a great westporter! Love your blog! Oh and thanks for pointing out the unbelievable a holes in town…and there are many!!!!

  15. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    I think this “life is good” story is very funny, as are all of the parking stories (although I worry about the axles). Maybe everyone should share a cup of Christmas cheer with “life is good”. Keep calm and carry on.

  16. All this discussion about a single incident in a single parking lot? Truth is, parking lot behavior (whether we’re the offender or the observer) is an important indicator of who we are. Doubt it? Check out “The Parking Lot Movie” (, a documentary about a famous (if you went to UVA, anyhow) parking lot that caters to privileged college kids, soccer moms, blue collar workmen, and business execs in a spot where parking is scarce and everyone has to pay up, if you can find a space to begin with. It may be in Charlottesville, but it’s a slice of life that can be found anywhere. You’ll like it, and you’ll see what I mean.

  17. Lauren Siegert

    I think you should all get a life. Life is good, consider the alternative. Happy Holidays.

  18. I must be missing the points here.

    1- I thought Dan (aka Mr Woog) was doing good things for small businesses and I fail to see a pattern- $1 muffins are great for those of us on diets- they are all the rage in NYC.
    2- Parking on side walks is a right not to be taken away by stupid rules or common sense. He/she must have had a good reason. Besides, we should insist that who ever makes the rules allow parking on all the streets in town- especially overnight- and with half the car on the sidewalk if possible!!
    3-It has always been my feeling, that all the stores in town should be ordered to keep their doors open winter or summer- competition for customers should be kept fair- anyway as any scientist will tell you keeping the doors open year round will help equalize and stabilize the weather outside the stores.
    4- Jacqueline- all of a sudden – you’re an expert on restaurants- We love Kibberia!! Anyway a little self reflection would show you – you’re doing what you are accusing Dan of doing- being an expert on restaurants!! And I might point out you are wrong on this one!! And furthermore you have blown your credibility and I will not read your posts on this blog anymore!!
    5- Evan- I cannot agree with you more!! I think the Jeep driver is just a lousy driver and that is the best he/she could do under the circumstances- probably was parking while talking on a cell phone- they should get one of those cars that self park by sonar or radar!! I will continue to read your blogs!

    I could go on and on but I have to go open the doors, buy a $1 mini muffin, park our cars on the street in front of the neighbors, half on the sidewalks and go review some more restaurants-

    I hope this clarifies how things are and were meant to be.

  19. Sharon Paulsen

    Hmmm, it almost seems like there would be enough room in that section to shorten the width of the sidewalk a bit to create a few additional parking spaces (parallel to the walk), with a, say, 10 minute max time limit. That might help for folks running into the post office. My guess is that’s what the jeep owner might be doing (but then again, who knows). It’s true that this parking lot seems busier lately, and perhaps somewhat under capacity for the number of businesses there now.

  20. Sharon Paulsen

    Oh, and to Andy Lemma – LOL LOL! (Acura parking “in” the hardware store comment). Too funny!
    And Dan, I love your blog! Great stuff! And certainly gets your followers talking up a storm. (Including myself sometimes). Your mix of “found” or researched topics each day must be quite an endeavor. And thanks for your recent Candlelight concert post – brought back some wonderful memories for me, singing Hallelujah chorus, Yule, etc etc.
    Keep it up!! Life IS good.

  21. I personally love Dan’s parking stories — they make me smile and cringe at the same time. Dan’s blog always primes my expectations for our summer stops into my beloved childhood town. Too funny but it is a statement about our world — the sense of entitlement and Westport makes it’s own statement but that kind of entitlement behavior is everywhere now. Maybe during the holidays, people everywhere can stop and think before they do something entitled. I mean take a look at the Black Friday videos sometime as shown on the 6 O’Clock news programs after Thanksgiving – – really scary stuff — what humans are doing these days. Pulling out hair, getting tazed for an Xbox. Parking on the sidewalk is just another morphed version of the attitude of “my life is more important than any of your lives.”

    I commend Dan’s blog these days- he’s taken a real stand this past year for true civility, a stand for right thinking and action in a crazy, mixed up world — know it must not have been easy to lose some of his long standing audience. Or maybe they still read it but refuse to post using their real names. Here’s where I gotta hand it to Jaclyn — at least she’s real and honest and uses her name — don’t agree with pretty much anything she said but hats off that she took it on as she saw it and used her name.

    • Jaclyn Jeffrey

      BJ, thank you for your civil reply! Many jumped on the bandwagon and criticized me for things I never said nor so much as hinted at. So, for the record: I enjoy Dan’s blog, yes I really do! The blog is informative as well as funny with an often hilarious take on life in this area. Here is what I said, here is what I meant…I take issue when the blog vilifies people or places without bothering to inquire as to why things may be so [doors open at Blue Mercury when the heat is on full blast, the Jeep parked on the sidewalk] or directly or indirectly taking shots at new local businesses [Steam’s owners oversleeping, the price of a mini-muffin at The Granola Bar.] Dan, in his post to me, noted his review of Kibberia, Painting With A Twist, re-opening of Luxe… yes, they were great reviews… at the same time, when I see the blog taking shots at new establishments it seems random and coming from another place… what place I don’t know. Dan, I would love to meet you for an overpriced muffin, so I’ll meet you by your jeep parked on the sidewalk but then let’s take a drive and go down the street to the Starbucks on the Post Road near The Sherwood Diner… there you will see evidence of sense of entitlement that can be only that… cars double and triple parked on the side of the building right under the No Parking signs, parking in the handicapped space, cars left in the middle of the parking lot, fist fights over parking spots…all in the name of a latte.

  22. I’m afraid I disagree. Everyone is always reminiscing about how old Westport was quaint and friendly, myself included. Well, in my opinion this is an opportunity to give that bygone era a nod.
    Let’s start by analyzing who may have been harmed by this parking maneuver…Hmmm, I can’t think of anyone. There is plenty of room on the sidewalk and plenty of room on the street. Did the driver harm one of our merchants? On the contrary, they presumably benefited by being able to sell something.
    Now let’s consider WHY this driver made this obvious odd choice. What if he was injured or was very, very late. In fact let’s make this a story about a kid who just got out of an extra long practice session at staples with a sprained ankle who was late for his grandmothers birthday and needed to just run into the store for two seconds to pick up her present that had been wrapped and was waiting at the counter.
    I think we all make the snap judgement that this was probably a obnoxious crass individual acting out a self entitlement issue and in my estimation that assumption would have a high probability of being accurate. BUT if we are to be “GOOD NEIGHBORS” and spread the feeling of community during this holiday maybe we could just as easily cut this driver a break and consider that maybe, just maybe they had a very valid reason for this temporary (and harmless) infraction…happy holidays!

    • Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

      Wow!!!!! Let’s drink to Old Westport, Jeff.

    • Sorry, you just don’t get to park on sidewalks and get the benefit of the doubt.

      • Yes, well that attitude is the difference between today and back when this town wasn’t overrun with jealous, nosy, impatient wannabes who will make more of an effort to make sure their neighbor doesn’t get any advantage over them, ever, under any circumstances…even if it in no way inconvenienced them. Too bad and good luck but remember; what goes around, comes around…happy holidays Mr. Yenta

  23. Terry Brannigan

    I love the photos please keel them coming. They make Laurie and I laugh and park better. BTW when I was in high school (79′), my friend David Stalling (who may truly be the worst driver on the planet) actually had a bumper sticker that read “If you don’t like the way I drive, then stay off the sidewalk”