The Heat’s On Blue Mercury

Blue Mercury is well known for throwing open its doors on sweltering summer days, blasting air conditioning onto Main Street.

Turns out the makeup/skincare/spa spot is an equal opportunity energy waster.

This was the scene today, 18 days before Christmas:

Blue Mercury

The temperature downtown is 39 degrees.

Unless you’re standing in their open doorway, in which case it’s a toasty — and totally unnecessary — 70 or so.

18 responses to “The Heat’s On Blue Mercury

  1. Catherine Barrett

    Thanks Dan for the post!
    Trust me, bluemercury, I do not stop into your store because your door is open…if I want to come in I will simply come in. It is only my personal opinion, but I believe wasting that amount of energy is wrong.

  2. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    People throw away their money on them and they throw their money away on wasted utilities. Its a free (& idiotic maybe as well) country.

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Invest in a dehumidifier?

  4. I boycott all of them who leave the doors open, but first I tell them so.

  5. John Hartwell

    We need an energy tax to make this less likely. While it’s a free country, we can and should create economic disincentives for this behavior.

  6. Thanks, Dan, for letting us know about this. John, I agree with the energy tax. It would encourage companies to insist on energy efficiency on all levels (e.g., staff and the construction and planning of their space). Energy efficiency is a “win-win” for all. It’s good for the planet and the economy.

  7. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Sure, let’s (self-righteously) tax the shit out of someone spending money foolishly and then turn around and spend the money on other foolish stuff. Whatever you want anyone to do you can accomplish through taxation policy, I get it, Nanny knows best. If you don’t like what these morons are doing, stay away or picket the place. We really need more taxes that have no point other than whatever axe anybody’s looking to grind at any given point.

  8. And maybe some of these chain stores who tout corporate environmental and social sensitivity should practice what they preach!

  9. Jo Ann Davidson

    Anthropology does the same thing winter and summer and when we complained they said it’s company policy. I don’t go in.

    Jo Ann Davidson

  10. Sharon Paulsen

    This is kindof comical actually.
    Hey, how about a bunch of people get together, dressed up as hobo’s, and go hang out in front of the door “to get warm”. See how long it takes for a floor sales person to ask everyone to leave. Then just tell them, ” … since you heat the street on your own dime, we’ll warm up here on our own time”. And maybe throw in that “it’s a free country” refuge statement as well.
    Then, the next time you’re shopping downtown, bet there will be a brand new “no loitering” sign posted there, lol!

  11. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    We have a provincial “carbon tax”. Money is then rebated back to low income people, many of whom use it for university expenses and the like.

  12. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Back to the point, Dan, did you ask why the door was left open?
    Don’t make assumptions.

  13. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    If you have provincial taxes you are probably in Canada and receiving universal healthcare. It may not be perfect but at least its fair to all. I’d love to hear your comments.

  14. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Well, in a nutshell, Canada’s Medicare system began in 1947 by a guy named Tommy Douglas (with family ties to the actors Sutherlands!) and became national in 1957. As a single payer system, the gov’t pays the cost, effectively eliminating the extra cost of insurance systems, so no competition, no deductibles, no co-pays. Everyone has a health card to take to his/her health provider. Everyone is covered.
    I find that people are less likely to run to the Doctor or Emergency room with a simple cold, etc., and that people respect all health providers well.
    The U.S. is the last leading world country to join in.

    Hope that helps…
    p.s. Has that shop closed it’s door?

  15. Jaclyn Jeffrey

    Nancy, many thanks for your post. Mr. Woog as you did several weeks ago with your inane post about Steam opening late one morning… this is another example of irresponsible blogging. Did you inquire as to why the door was left open? Possible a customer asked to open the door? Possible a customer opened the door? Possible their heating system was broken and uncomfortably hot in the store as a result? Or possible just wasting energy? In any case, do you not bear any responsibility for further inquiry or are you determined to simply crucify businesses you have a personal issue with? As I said in my post re: Steam, your blog certainly does not have to meet the standards of the NYT for responsible journalism but ethics I would venture to say ought to guide what you post.

    • Richard Lawrenc Stein

      Jaclyn you need to check history….they are an energy violator of major proportion….. Dan is not out to crucify, but to create discussion, dialogue, and maybe stir the pot….. But if you want to bring New York into this discussion…. it is illegal to have your door open in NYC….. talk to Mayor Bloomberg the commonsense mayor about the fine he instituted to those who want to waste energy.

  16. Jaclyn…Dan has it right. Many retailers embrace the open door policy because people are more likely to pop in the store if the door is open rather than closed. Retailers consider it more inviting. Most people with common sense however, consider it just a waste of energy.

  17. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Seriously, is the door wide open all year round? Does one “pop” in during winter temperatures? Indeed, a waste of energy by the shop owner, and a waste of common sense by the shop owner. If a customer is interested in a particular shop, the customer will shop there. Period. Better things to worry about.