All That Traffic? I-95 Southbound Is Closed

Massive traffic jams throughout Westport are the result of a tractor-trailer accident this morning on I-95, near Exit 14 in Norwalk.

As of 1:30 this afternoon, the highway remains closed there. Traffic on the Post Road is heavily congested, starting in Fairfield. Green’s Farms Road and Bridge Street are also jammed.

Westport Police add: “If you are on the Post Road, please do not block intersections. There is no place for traffic to go, so moving into the intersection won’t save you any time but it will block crossing traffic!”

Though the truck may be removed soon, there is no estimate on when I-95 will reopen to traffic. When it does, residual delays are expected for a while.

Today's I-95 accident. (Photo courtesy of Westport Police Department)

Today’s I-95 accident. (Photo courtesy of Westport Police Department)

2 responses to “All That Traffic? I-95 Southbound Is Closed

  1. Terrible situation. However I (like many others) took the Merritt south and discovered one lane in Norwalk due to “construction”
    This obviously was the last thing anyone needed today Seemed they were doing some touch-up work on 2 overpasses.
    Couldn’t anyone in Highway dept figure out it might be a good idea to pull these guys back for a day or two until the I95 crisis was over?
    Where’s the common sense?.

  2. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    You poor people. One day of inconvenience. Just imagine an earthquake or typhoon scenario.