Post Cinema

Patricia Brooks begins her review of Post 154, in tomorrow’s New York Times Metropolitan section:

If you have not been to Westport recently, you might be surprised to find that its old limestone-and-brick post office, which opened in 1935 on the town’s main thoroughfare, is now a snappy new restaurant, called Post 154, that fairly rocks in prime time.

Brooks gives it a “Very Good” review, which in Times-ese basically means, “Holy s—-, this is one of the 10 best restaurants I’ve been to in my life!”

Post 154 restaurant.

Post 154 restaurant.

She loves the lobster quesadillas, duck confit taquitos, grilled Portuguese octopus, grilled salmon (“which came medium-rare as requested” — go figure), and rosemary short ribs (though her “only cavil was that the mesquite garlic creamed potatoes under the meat were seriously over-salted”).

Brooks ends her review:

With its interesting, creative menu, Post 154 makes an ideal stop before or after a movie, whether for a full meal or a series of delicious small plates, snacks and nibbles.

“Before or after a movie”?! Sounds like Brooks herself has “not been to Westport recently.”

Or, say, since last century, when the Fine Arts Theater closed.

4 responses to “Post Cinema

  1. Dear Dan,

    I made a reservation at Post 154 from here in London for next Saturday based upon your note. They made an exception to their no reservation rule because I will be flying in for Craig and Steve’s Memorial Dedication at Staples.

    I will let you know what dinner was like.

    Thank you and kindest regards,

    Joey Kaempfer (Staples 1965)

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  2. And to think, absent one measly cavil and it may have received an “Extraordinary”. Cavils will get you every time!

  3. And they wanted to paint it black!

  4. Do you think they will serve flavored vodka one day? Or Baileys? I could name others. And maybe the service will get better?

    Hopefully since they simplified the menu it becomes a better restaurant.

    They used the black paint inside.