Now You See It…

…and now you see it again, in a different spot.

The Southport Beach Shack — tossed aside in Hurricane Sandy, doomed to demolition, saved by being transported to Beachside Avenue, then to Burying Hill Beach — is once again on the move.

JP Vellotti spotted it today in the state-owned Exit 18 commuter lot on the Sherwood Island Connector, across from the transfer station.

This time the “Demolition” spray paint is facing away.

Beach shack

This is becoming far more interesting than finding Waldo.

4 responses to “Now You See It…

  1. Matthew Mandell

    If all works out, maybe the next house we see moving will be the historic Victorian, Kemper Gunn. Last night the RTM P&Z Committee voted 8-0 to recommend that the full RTM approve the move and overturn the P&Z Commission’s decision to allow its destruction. RTM meeting and vote is Tuesday Oct 22 7:30pm Town Hall. Come on out and watch history, hopefully being saved.

    For more information go to

  2. Elisabeth Keane

    That’s it! The Southport Beach Shack could keep the Kemper Gunn house company in the Baldwin lot.

  3. Good place to sell coffee and snacks…it’s a commuter lot after all. Maybe they can operate there with a food truck permit. Clean it up a bit? It’s really not taking away any parking spaces, and it’s actually parked straighter than a few of the cars in the lot.

  4. Thanks Matt for all your work to save the Kemper-Gunn House at 35 Church Lane- and thank you too to the members of your RTM P&Z Committee. I was struck by the professionalism that they – and you – exhibited last night. It actually made me feel better about some things… BTW, the RTM P&Z Committee learned last night that the house in question is actually listed as a contributing resource within the boundaries the Myrtle Avenue Historic District (CT State Register of Historic Places, listed 1985) and is currently eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. As far as I know, the amount of grass around it had no bearing on the aforesaid.