Westport May Still Be The Marketing Capital Of The World

It’s never been easy watching a field hockey or girls lacrosse game at Staples.

Spectators stand on top of the hill, behind a goal. The view is not great.

Now there’s a new problem: erosion. A few folks have fallen.

A group of parents is trying to raise funds for bleachers.

Here’s their pitch:

Jinny Parker Field

As the sign says, for more information or to donate, go to TameThe Hill.org.

One response to “Westport May Still Be The Marketing Capital Of The World

  1. Scott Bennewitz

    Dan, thanks for highlighting the effort to improve the situation on the hillside above Ginny Parker Field…a beautiful field to play girls sports but terrible from which to watch. And folks have been injured going down the hill. With the generosity of those in town, we hope we can make it a nice complement to the hillside above the soccer field.