You Can’t Make This S— Up

Following on the heels of recent “06880” posts on dog poop, alert reader Jamie Walsh sends along a gruesomely appropriate photo.

It was taken yesterday by David Brant, executive director of the Aspetuck Land Trust, at Haskins Preserve.


“I’ve stalked this person for the last 3 years, in hopes of confronting them,” Jamie says. (Referring, presumably, to the poop-leaver, not David.)

Now you’re warned: “06880” is on your tail.

22 responses to “You Can’t Make This S— Up

  1. This has been going on on Burr Farms Road and Long Lots for a few years now. We love dogs and don’t mind them walking in our neighborhood but i’ve seen several people leave their bags behind which defeats the purpose of bagging in the first place.

  2. All I have to say is the kids better not mix up those bags and mistaken them for Halloween candy. I remember I used to carry candy in bags like that.

  3. Richard Lawrence Stein

    So what is worse….
    A. The so called “entitled westporter”
    B. The so called “entitled westporter” who has kids who do no wrong
    C. Or The so called “entitled westporter” with kids who do no wrong and dogs who dont need to be on a leash

    And before you start griping I’ve owned four large dogs that Hunt Lions in Africa And never off leash in public … Because that’s what responsible people do

  4. lorraine harrison

    there should be a can for the waste… people are trying to comply.. although their effort is minimal…

  5. patricia driscoll

    I often see runners/joggers with their dogs. But I’ve never seen one carrying a poop bag. I’m not talking about Westport,but anywhere. Any one else notice this?

  6. well if dog owner’s don’t get their s**t together that sign may soon read “PLEASE REMOVE DOG”

  7. In response to a previous post suggesting that a litter receptacle be placed at Haskins Preserve for the collection of, among other things, dog waste…the Aspetuck Land Trust is a member supported non-profit with only one, full-time, paid staff member. The maintenance of ALT properties is largely provided by volunteers, therefore, placing a litter receptacle at the Preserve is not an option. As this property is actually a nature preserve and not a park, dog walkers should police their dogs and remove their waste. This makes it easier for ALT to maintain their properties, easier for the fantastic network of Trail Stewards who help maintain the properties and, most important, more enjoyable for the public who benefits from ALT’s careful stewardship of our precious open spaces.

    • lorraine harrison

      then perhaps there could be a contribution of $1 if one brings a dog to the park.. and the warning that if there is not a response and a resolution, then dogs will not be allowed

  8. Judi Simonetti

    I was playing with my daughter at Luciano Park two weekends ago and there was poop right in the playground area. It is just so disrespectful. I used to walk my dog at the beach and down Riverside Avenue and always picked after him. It is a shame people do not care for our town.

  9. As bad as the fence looks it was worse in years past where multiple owners were throwing the bags of s*** in the trees towards the back of the park Poo bag decorated bushes and trees, not a pretty site
    Certainly Dan’s army can catch the idiots in the act with their iPhone cameras I say a prize for the best shot !
    And lets not blame the dogs, it is the organism at the other end of the leash.

  10. Doesn’t Westport have a dog warden? Anyone ever look into how many tickets are issued annually? I say let the dog crappers pay for cleaning up the dog crap through tickets/summons.

  11. Thanks Dan for the post! As one of two stewards who volunteer our time to maintain The Haskins Preserve, it is extremely frustrating picking up dog crap on a regular basis as well as just discourteous. I encourage anyone who enjoys the use of The Haskins Preserve or any other public space to curb your dog and pickup and remove your dog waste. As well, please encourage others to do the same. This is part of your responsibility as a dog owner…so Let us make sure that this does not ruin it for everyone else who enjoys Haskins.

    • This particular article addressing Westport’s dog poop problem, written by Dan Woog, may have set a record for responses. If that is the case, what does this say about the respondents who follow this blog? Out of the hundreds of articles published on 06880, this one may have captured the attention like no other! I’m kind of “pooped out” now from reading all these responses, so I’m going to take a nap.

  12. The town of Brunete in Spain recently reduced their unscooped poop by 70%.

    Could it work in Westport? I’m dubious. Too many people around here are wrapped too tight and so self-righteous. Not sure they’d feel the shame or get the humor.

  13. Wish I was the steward of a preserve in Brunete… Sounds righteous!

  14. I’ve taught my dogs to pee and poo on command, a useful trick. That command, “get busy” is what we do before we leave our own property — so there’s rarely a need to pick up anywhere but home. There’s a supply of bags in my car which I’ve handed out to people who’ve *forgotten* theirs.

  15. lorraine harrison

    we are not raising children to have values here .. only trying to solve a problem… should is not relevant here IMO….

    • I wouldn’t use the verb “stalked” in a public forum like this. I’d choose another verb. Perhaps you “observed” a few times?