True Tales Of Compo

Sunday’s “06880” post about the prevalence of poop in parks prodded people to pass along their own pet peeves.

Several commenters noted that the beach is particularly notorious for folks not scooping up after Fido.

That afternoon, I was at Compo. A woman told me her own poopy story. But hers had nothing to do with people.

This summer, she watched as a mother attempted to change her baby’s diaper, near the water. “It must have been the nanny’s day off,” the woman said. “She had no idea what she was doing. She went through an entire box of wipes.”

Finally finished, the mother placed the used diaper under a beach chair. Without a bag.

Compo Beach, where all things are possible.

Compo Beach, where all things are possible.

A bit later, the mother packed up her kids and beach gear. Leaving the diaper right there on the sand.

The woman telling the story walked over. Pointing to the dirty diaper, she said, “I think you forgot something.”

The mother pointed vaguely in the direction of two Parks & Rec workers, emptying garbage cans.

“No,” the woman said. “That’s yours. You pick it up.”

But she’s not the only person whose brain gets addled by the sun.

A few minutes later, a friend who lives on Soundview told me her own tale.

At least twice, she said, she’s had to take care of children whose parents have gone home after a day at the beach.

Leaving their little kids behind.

Have you seen my mommy?

Have you seen my mommy?

7 responses to “True Tales Of Compo

  1. Nothing will get the dander up of a mom like that kind of care-LESS attitude towards their offspring. That’s a new one — little kids left behind at Compo — tragic and signs of the times, I suppose. Really something about a mom all thumbs while changing the diaper. Maybe she has other skills.

    Sad to say, Westport, as much as I love my childhood town and all of the memories it gave us, is a microcosm of the greater issue in the world. It may seem more noticeable in Westport, given it’s demographic– lots of beamer drivers and McMansion owners in a smaller town but… deadly attitudes of “entitlement” are happening everywhere. We live in a lovely community, pristine (supposedly)park setting, courtyards, with golf course, lake, major grounds keeping staff, requisitioned art sculptures in the park rotated in and out by local artists, and we have this HUGE, disgusting issue with the doggies — so much so that no matter how many times we are nicely “reminded” to pick up after our fur children, no one does… so, we had to take our beloved fur angels into our grounds management office, have them DNA swabbed and cataloged for future “violations.” If anyone is found violating the poop laws, they can be stiffly fined and warned and more, including trouble with the law after so many violations. So, perhaps, all dog owners in Westport have that to look forward to. After all of that swabbing and warning given, I noticed a neighbor recently who opened up her door and allowed her dog to run into the courtyard and poop and then run back into the house. So??? What’s the answer to such entitled people? They don’t care about their neighbor is all I can say. Now it’s filtered down to the human children — too sad. What’s the old song “Teach Your Children Well.” Crosby, Stills and Nash?

  2. You just can’t make this stuff up!!!

  3. Compoo Beach?

  4. I have attended several estate sales in Westport or Weston where former pets were left behind to become part of the bric a brac offered for sale or in the FREE pile. I remember seeing a sad eyed Golden Retiever searching for his master. When I enquired about this forlorn dog I was told that the owners had moved and he was part of the sale. I have had cats thrust upon me by tag sale ladies just trying to empty the contents. Sometimes animals purchased as the accoutrements of suburban living (sort of like completing Barbie’s dream house, complete with plastic dog) end up abandoned in our disposable society. Would anyone have expectations of those owners cleaning up?. By the way who hasn’t stepped in the occasional pile and returned to the car to hear everyone present exclaim “eewww” what’s that smell???” I can assure you it is not nuclear waste or poisonous gas, come on, there are not steaming 6 foot piles anywhere! I walked at Wakeman’s
    last night as I do every night, no dog poop within my path which pretty much encompasses the entire area, just exuberant dogs getting some exercise with their owners. There will always be a very small percentage of noncompliant dog owners, but I must say the true sense of entitlement comes in expectation of never stepping on the occasional dog poop, figurative or real, even if we do live in Westport.

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    Holy Crap!

  6. Unfortunately, there is child neglect in Westport, let alone littering and leaving septic waste on the beach. Growing up, it was routine for my mother to drop us off at the beach, leave us in the car while she went shopping forbidding us to come inside, and I remember waiting very long periods of time in the winter in the dark after school for her to pick me up. But these mothers need to realize there are laws, and they are not above them.

  7. This is why I love your posts, Dan. You love Westport. You point out all the good in it and there is much good in it. You defend Westport. You keep us posted on what’s going on there. You also bring to accountability the flakiness that also goes on in it, I think in a spirit of city pride and wanting to improve your city. Good work.