Stevan Dohanos Put His Stamp On JFK

As the 50th anniversary of November 22, 1963 draws near, America will be awash in memories of the assassination of President Kennedy.

The date will be poignant for many. It’s already being recalled by Anthony Dohanos.

Stevan Dohanos at work.

Stevan Dohanos at work.

He hasn’t lived in Westport for 40 years — he’s been far away, on Hawaii’s Big Island — but his father, Stevan Dohanos, spent several decades as one of our town’s most famous illustrators.

He was well known for his Saturday Evening Post covers. But he had a side gig: stamp designing.Working with 7 presidents — starting with FDR — and 9 postmasters general, Dohanos created 46 US stamps.

In the 1960s he was named chairman of the National Stamp Advisory Committee. He had a big office in Washington, Anthony recalls, with a chauffeured limo decorated with the US Post Office logo.

A few months before JFK was killed, Anthony accompanied his father to the State Department. The president spoke. “I was 13 years old,” Anthony says. “I don’t remember much, but he seemed larger than life.”

Dohanos JFK stampFour years after Dallas, Dohanos designed a stamp honoring the late president. In the weeks ahead, it will surface often as a favored illustration.

Dohanos lived far longer than Kennedy. In 1984, the Postal Service’s Hall of Stamps was dedicated in his name. Dohanos died in 1994, age 87, of pneumonia.

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  1. A great talent.

  2. Just yesterday I learned about Mr. Dohanos as I was admiring the mural of his son on a horse in the office of Coleytown Elementary school. Thanks for educating us about the present & past of our community!