Ethically Handicapped?

“06880” has run quite a few photos of selfish parking jobs, by Very Entitled People.

So these days, you’ve got to come up with a really creative way to make it onto the blog.

Like this:

Sherwood parking

This driver not only stole an extra parking space in the always-crowded Sherwood Diner lot — but one was a handicapped spot.

And no, there was no blue placard hanging from the rearview mirror.

16 responses to “Ethically Handicapped?

  1. Nelson Morgan

    Hi, Dan,

    Revolting. Have you sent this photo to the Westport Police?

    Nelson Morgan a Westport expatriate


  2. Well done!! It’s something that makes me crazy and it another example of someone who has little self-awareness about others and should get a reality check and – wake up to the fact that we all live together.

  3. Selfish, thinking only of themself.

  4. Not positive, but a parking spot must have the painted handicap icon AND the blue sign in front to be “Legally Handicapped.”
    STILL !!!
    WTF is going on with BMW’s?

    They were the best drivers when they were stick shift only / mostly.

    • WTF going on w BMWs? Where have you been the past couple of decades? Checked in you rear view mirror lately. The car on your bumper is ALWAYS a Beemer

  5. Adam Schwartz '75

    Nothing a dozen raw eggs lobbed into the drivers seat area and dashboard wouldn’t fix…

  6. How sad if someone had actually needed the handicap space. Some individuals seem to be far more than “entitled” these days! The police should have been called. Send them the photo anyway.

  7. Adam Schwartz '75

    Is it possible to legally look up the owners name and address then post the picture with thier information on a web page or newspaper? That might put a a stop to this sort of behavior…

  8. Deborah Jankura

    I have been told by the New Hampshire dept on disability reinforcement to take a picture of the car with license plate and bring/send to police. This happens to me all the time, I need a van accessible space, I have come out of a building more than once and could not get into my van due to someone parked illegally and blocking my ramp/

  9. What I don’t understand is how any self-protective vehicle owners would put themselves in such a ridiculous and vulnerable position. I mean, the license plate number is a signature. They might as well turn themselves in.
    Another failed IQ test.

  10. I like to leave “informative” notes on their cars which highlights this type of inconsiderate selfish behavior when I see A-holes pull this type of crap.

  11. Have you considered the possibility this is thee handicapped person who parked here?

  12. If so, the person should learn to put his or her handicapped permit on the rearview mirror, as the law requires.

  13. Then they must be only partially handicapped…because they not only took up the handicap spot, but a regular spot as well.

  14. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    VIP, VEP, or whatever, the person obviously doesn’t give a damn about the town. I think it’s a bit funny, only because it’s so purposefully parked.