The Bad News: Cablevision Is Down Across Connecticut

The good news: At least we have electricity.

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13 responses to “The Bad News: Cablevision Is Down Across Connecticut

  1. Katherine OBrien

    Dan, your blog is amazing and always a much needed smile or food for thought of the day, thank you!

    I remarkably got this as my husband and I were cursing the fact that our recent move within Westport somehow left us without directTV and dealing with the idocracy that is cable…grrr. At least we are not alone!

    Keep the amazing posts coming!

    Best, Katherine and Andrew O’Brien

  2. Jill Ross Beres

    it is 8:30 and my cable is working

  3. Ok, that explains it. I have been able to view a bunch of channels but others, including ESPN–which is carrying the Red Sox-Yankees game, are out. Thanks for saving me time dealing with Cablevision.

  4. Dan, It’s back up.


    • Bob Selverstone, as a therapist, you’d get a kick out of the comments on Twitter. Search for “Cablevision” — the anger is incredible. Whether it’s not being able to watch “Breaking Bad,” the Yankees-Red Sox game or something else, people think this is an incredible calamity. The level of outrage is scary.

  5. cathy smith barnett '66

    Cable went out twice tonight but now it’s up and running…at least for now.

  6. Catherine Burnett, Staples '84

    In general, the utilities receive bad favor. But Cablevision is extra special in this category*. My “favorite” part of tonight’s issue is that it is a power outage. The immediate thought is to be with disbelief that they don’t have a generator. Of course they must have one. I think they just want to pass the blame onto the electric company.

    *Especially as they are owned by the Dolans of MSG/ Rangers/ Knicks “fame.”

  7. Catherine Burnett, Staples '84

    But at least we got to watch Westport LIttle League win before it went out!! Grateful for that!

  8. It’s too bad they have no internet service competition. That’s all I use them for. DirecTV is my TV purveyor. No chance I would use them for phone.

  9. Edward Bloch

    CBS News Radio reported this morning that so many people in Fairfield called 911 because of the Cablevision outage the Fairfield Police Department had to post a message stating that the loss of cable was neither an emergency or a police matter. I’m sure that didn’t happen in Westport.

    • I heard the exact same thing on NPR this morning. It was in the little segue they have leading up to the news, where they report quirky little items from around the country. Yikes!