Bright Enough To Afford A Nice Beamer…

…but not exactly sure what those diagnonal lines in the parking lot are for.

Bad parking Westport CT

26 responses to “Bright Enough To Afford A Nice Beamer…

  1. There is nothing that I could add that isn’t told by the picture itself.

  2. Oh, man. How discouraging.

  3. Richard Lawrence Stein

    I wish There was a correlation Between Brains money and expensive cars We know that is not the case And parking of course is another issue

  4. Easy solution: parallel park right behind, go inside. When the idiot comes back in asking who’s parked blocking the Beamer, politely tell duffus you’ll just be a minute…didn’t want to ding the Beamer by parking too close.

    I did it once at the old Saugatuck Post Office. The idiot was IRATE and the line was long. He yelled some nasty words. The line laughed him outside.

    • I knew I liked you, Tom Feeley…

    • Whoever Tom Feeley is, I like him already. However, we could consider this in the context of there being a number of idiots that open their doors and dent the cars next to them.

  5. Gotta laugh here. Sense of entitlement has gotten to comical proportions everywhere. My hubby and I were in Whole Foods in different city this afternoon, and nice beamer took up about 2.5 spaces in a filled parking lot to protect their nice (r) or is it?? car than everyone else’s 🙂 He just had to tell us with his car parking language as I call it.

    Driving into city yesterday, lanes blocked off for “walk for the cure” — cute babies in baby carriages participating too, and we’re all driving nice and slow — I mean c’mon — babies in carriages next lane over. And this old fart in a Mercedes SUV on my tail was honking furiously at me to “move out of his way” or “speed it up.” It was laughable as is this photo. I guess they’re just special, we’re not, and the welfare little babies be damned! We’ll all have to get used to it, right?

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  7. Dale Eyerly Colson


    Ya just gotta laugh, don’t ya?

  8. Alan Beasley

    This attitude comes directly from BMW. When their ads specifically state that they build cars for the aggressive driver, you know that they understand their “target” market.

  9. Terry Anzalone

    Another example — we just had our driveway paved and of course that extended across the sidewalk to the street. The sidewalk was blocked off and the next morning our tape was removed, because someone decided that he could not walk in the street around it!! What is wrong with people–we weren’t having a party and blocking their way!!! Luckily there was no damage–

  10. but unless you park like that your car WILL get dinged either by the kid flying out of the back door or someones shopping cart (trying to avoid contact with their own car!) I choose the walk to far from my parking place and hope for the best

  11. Eric William Buchroeder

    I own a Beemer like the one in the picture and they (BMW) could develop some type of polycarbonate material for door panels that would eliminate the ding risk and if they did there would be no need for defensive parking. I always park as far away from the store as I can but invariably some other elohssA pulls up right next to me and dings me. I commiserate with those on both sides.

  12. Don’t all assume that was done intentionally. I parked somewhere the other day, and when I got back to my parking space I thought someone had gotten my keys somehow, and parked it like a drunken sailor just to make a fool of me.

  13. cathy smith barnett '66

    I heard on the news the other day that BMW drivers are the rudest and most arrogant of all drivers on the road and apparently in the parking lot!

  14. Adam Schwartz '75

    We do things differently on the left coast. I keep a pad of preprinted nice words and a space for comments to address the moment. After placing the completed form on the windshield, we get out the longest key on our keychains and very gracefully scratch a nice straight line down both sides of thier vehicle. This usually does the trick! Some may argue this is childish but suggest something else that will prevent these idiots from parking like morons and I’ll concider your idea.

  15. Judy Michaelis

    Has anyone here considered that maybe the driver is a 16 year old who just got their license and is doing the best they can? I think a little kindness and compassion can go a long way…

    • Sorry, Judy, I disagree. I’ve found that new drivers are often much more conscientious about parking than more experienced drivers.

      • Eric William Buchroeder

        People are in a hurry and when they are they think of no one else but themselves. That’s the bottom line and that goes for everything, not just parking. I’m not pointing fingers because I’m not lily white in that department. Slow down, enjoy Westport (and each other) and be grateful for what you’ve got (said to everybody and myself while looking in the mirror).

      • I went to CVS late last night and when I got back, I discovered someone had taken my keys again.. probably that same drunken sailor.. and parked it to make me look like a fool…again. It looked a lot like that Beemer’s job. And, just in case you beemer owners are now racked with guilt and want to rid yourself of a car with such a bad social reputation, call me.

        • Eric William Buchroeder

          I love my BMW. It’s all I have left from the Bush economy. It’s paid for (the only thing in my life that is right now). I just leave it at home when I visit Wetspot.

        • Mary – I think you need to stop drinking…

          • Nah.. I don’t drink more than one drink a month or so.. and never get in the car at all after that. I just can’t park well anymore. In fact, I have to get one of those cars with the back up mirrors because it’s laughable now. My point is.. we assume a lot that the owner of that car isn’t like me.

  16. Mary Ann West

    Joke: What’s the difference between a porcupine and a BMW driver?

  17. Adam Schwartz '75

    Porcupines have pricks on the outside!