Simon And Garfunkel’s Local Tour

Simon and Garfunkel made great music together. They also were not particularly fond of each other, and have spent the bulk of their careers breaking up and reuniting.

This past weekend, both were in this area. Separately, of course.

Paul Simon had dinner at The Whelk. It was a summer weekend night, so like everyone else he had to wait for a table. No word on whether he ordered a dish with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

A few miles away, Art Garfunkel was rehearsing his new act at the Wilton Library. He sang “Scarborough Fair,” “The Boxer” and — perhaps in deference to the library location — “The Sounds of Silence.”

Simon and Garfunkel have both gone off — separately — to look for America.

Or at least, southern Fairfield County.

Simon and Garfunkel (above, Garfunkel and Simon) harmonized beautifully. They were not always looking at each other, however.

Simon and Garfunkel (above, Garfunkel and Simon) harmonized beautifully. They were not always looking at each other, however.

7 responses to “Simon And Garfunkel’s Local Tour

  1. We saw them in their first reunion concert in Central Park in the early 1980s. What a fabulous show in an amazing setting. And what an array of fantastic original songs.

  2. Holly Wheeler

    One of the greatest sounds of my generation.

  3. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Paul Simon lives in Litchfield County, I think.

  4. I was one of the fortunate few who saw Art Garfunkel perform at the Wilton Library. It was one of the most amazing cultural experiences I have ever had. Very intimate, his genius showing in both his poetry and his music. His connection to the audience, his perspective, his wisdom —all superb.

  5. Arleen Block

    Have to comment on this one….fortunate to have a front row seat at the Art Garfunkel “rehearsal”. Experience beyond words (from me). As for Art Garfunkel, he is a genius with words. Exposed his true life experience from the depths of returning from vocal chord surgery to his life as a musician, actor, writer, and who Art really is. He has grown up, as we all have, since the early years of the duo. Life has ups and downs. His performance will remain a highlight in my life. Feeling smug that I continue to hold onto my 1960s LPs purchased at the beginning of an era. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme, Bookends, Bridge Over Troubled Water. Not losing my turntable.

  6. Hey Dan, you missed Garfunkel’s “intimate rehearsal” at Pequot Library on July 13. Probably similar to the Wilton program. He was brave to do this when his voice isn’t the best, yet. And he had a great guitarist–Tad somethingorother.

    Katie Chase

  7. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Paul Simon and his wife Edie Brickel live in New Canaan…. That would be Fairfield County