The Sun Always Shines On “06880”

Sure, it was the hottest day since global warming began.

The temperature was 12 squintillion degrees, but with the humidity at 27 bazillion and the breeze blowing at minus-2 miles an hour, the day seemed quite a bit hotter.

As hot, in other words, as a typical day on “06880,” back when JeffXS, Emma and The Dude Abides were allowed to not use their real names.

Still, more than 100 people who were not wusses braved the heat last evening for the 1st-ever “06880” beach party.

Audrey Hertzel's banner welcomed partygoers.

Audrey Hertzel’s banner welcomed partygoers.

There were little kids, a 95-year-old, politicians, normal human beings, and a couple who moved here 6 months ago. I thought that was pretty impressive, until I met another couple who just arrived 2 weeks ago.


And, in typical “06880” fashion, those newest newcomers once almost moved to Mill Valley. The same California town that was the subject of a Westport/Mill Valley comparison blog post, back in 2011.

"06880" does Compo Beach proud -- and vice versa. (Photo by Katherine Hooper)

“06880” does Compo Beach proud — and vice versa. (Photo by Katherine Hooper)

Huge props go to party organizers Mary Hoffman and Jennifer Hershey; tent provider and rafflemeister Audrey Hertzel; Cuban chef Maite Hernandez; cupcake maven Lisa Marie Alter; name tag man Fred Cantor — and all others who helped, came, ate, drank, wandered over, or in any way, shape or form contributed to a wonderful time.

Lisa Marie Alter's cupcakes were snapped up right after this photo was taken.

Lisa Marie Alter’s cupcakes were snapped up right after this photo was taken.

It was so good, no one even noticed the heat.

Or the sand flies.


See you next year. According to global warming experts, it will be even hotter.

But the party will be even cooler.

PS:  If you left your sunglasses on a table, contact me. I’ve got ’em.

The party went on long past dusk. When the last person left, it was a mere 112 degrees.

The party went on long past dusk. When the last person left, it was a mere 112 degrees.

20 responses to “The Sun Always Shines On “06880”

  1. EGADS! 112 DEGREES!!! IN WESTPORT?? Ah the stubbornly tenacious New Englander! Nothing is gonna keep Westporters from braving the extreme heat for the 1st-ever “06880″ beach party! I am glad to hear that it was a tremendous success that was enjoyed by all! Maybe it can become a yearly tradition that my husband and I can attend at some future date. Hopefully not 112 degrees or we would both be crying out in unison “We’re melting . . melting . . mel . . t . . ing! I hope this posts. It is one of the last summertime memories I have of Westport . . Comp Beach . . Sherwood Island State Beach . . Fairfield Beach and a certain life guard . . Dairy Queen chocolate dipped ice cream cones . . barbecuing thick cut Manero’s steaks . . GOOD TIMES! Post photos for those of us who could not attend. “In the summer time when the weather is high – You can stretch right up and touch the sky” in Westport, CT! >^..^<

  2. Holly Wheeler

    Sorry I had to miss it! Happy it was such a huge success.

  3. mary hoffman

    Westport at its’ finest; beautiful beach, warm people, cute kids (polite too), great conversion, amazing sunset and a Great Cake. I learned that a small picnic table weighs about 300 pounds, what are those tables made of?

  4. Terry Brannigan

    So much fun. Westport at its best. Dan you’re a good man

  5. Agree with Terry Brannigan. Thank you Dan and all.

  6. Armelle Daniels

    So sorry Dan, I was one of the “wusses”!!! I am sorry we missed it but am glad you all had a good time… What a great thing to do…

  7. Peter Flatow

    Also agree with Terry! Sorry to have missed it but unavoidable conflict.

  8. Lisa Marie Alter

    Like Mary Hoffman said: beautiful beach, warm people, great convo…

    Thank you, Dan, for hosting us — yesterday and every day !
    You are one of those treasures that makes Westport great 🙂

    Look forward to next year’s !

  9. Fred Cantor

    I was going to suggest that you schedule the next 06880 in late October, when those coming from out of town can enjoy some peak foliage–but we did that for another reunion a couple of years ago and were hit by that freak snowstorm. (And, of course, last year was the infamous hurricane.)

    Thanks to Audrey for bringing that tent. It was a life-saver from the sun in the early going.

    And thanks, of course, to Dan for bringing old and new Westporters together.

  10. Bobbie Herman

    I’m so sorry I had to miss it, but I will definitely be there next year. It really sounds like a great event, and I’m so happy it was a huge success!

  11. Great photo of the 06880 balloons on the jetty!! Just another Westport one-of-a-kind scene.
    Thanks Dan for “06880”.

  12. Congratulations Dan and the others that made it happen. Sorry I could not join in, but glad to see that so many others did.

  13. Sally Campbell Palmer

    Sounds like a great party I had to miss…maybe a September redo when folks are back in town?

  14. Sorry — all booked with soccer stuff 🙁

  15. Jack whittle

    I swung by early (on my way from I95 to Town Hall) and left before any challenging conversations started! But it looked like it was going to be a great event, as it was. Fantastic idea to bring the gang of 06880 commenters together in a social setting.

  16. Jo Ann Miller

    The Dude Abides is still number one in my book(s).

  17. Ann Marie Flynn

    Hi Dan,
    Yesterday’s party day was a bit cooler than today. Just did some checking and the “feels like” temp came in at 119 deg. Glad we were a cool gathering yesterday….in so many ways……celebrating a wonderful on-going Westport happening…..06880…..and you. It’s great to live in a town where we meet the world. Thank you.

  18. Carl Addison Swanson III

    Cheap shot at Jeffxs and The Dude Abides. Anonymous comments were allowed back then and as such, far more pertinent and argumentative approaches were taken as opposed to the fluff now apparent with everyone seemingly patting themselves on the back for living here? And while it was readily known that I commented as “The Dude Abides,” I don’t really enjoy my name appearing on Google every time I now comment. In addition, Jeffxs was called out by “Westporter Since 1970” with his full name and address resulting in many telephone calls of harassment.