O Cecelia!

If you’re not like me, you open your issue of O — Oprah’s Magazine — the instant it lands inside your mailbox.

If you lingered on an ad from Hormel, you would have seen this:


It’s a celebration of Cecelia Behar of Newfield, New York. Cecelia is the Round 1 winner of Hormel’s “Hardest Working Women” Contest.

The ad copy says: “As a wife, mother of two, teen counselor, mommy blogger and avid swimmer, Cecelia is truly a hardworking woman who juggles it all.”

Cecelia also happens to be a Staples grad.  She’s the daughter of Bonnie Behar Brooks, a music/video/film production company owner/manager. Cecelia’s stepfather, Harvey Brooks, is a noted bassist who has played with every big name from Bob Dylan and the Doors to Miles Davis and Richie Havens.

Lil Mamas logo

So what did she win?

On her blog, Lil Mamas — that’s right, her hard work was featured in “06880” earlier this year — Cecelia says she got:

a trip to NYC with my girlfriend, a 2 night stay in a super-posh hotel, a MUCH needed mani-pedi, a seriously fantastic photo shoot, a full page spread in O Magazine and an insane amount of Hormel Completes coupons (which are very handy, I might add).

Oh – and maybe the most incredible pair of Michael Kors platform shoes that have ever been.

But, she notes,

what I really won was the experience. Like a lot of moms, I almost never get a chance to go away without the kids to spend time with friends for a few days. And I certainly never get an amazing team of professionals fancifying me up, dressing me in spectacular clothing and then taking my picture all day long. I gotta say – I could get used to that.

Oh, yeah. Cecelia adds this PS:

I would like to take a minute to thank my husband for doing his part to ensure that I was able to take this trip. I am very sorry that during my absence, our 6 year old got a case of the vomits.

Well… I’m MOSTLY sorry. Sort of. Almost? Oh, come on! It was his turn!! His turn I tell you!!!

4 responses to “O Cecelia!

  1. O Cecelia! Thank you Dan for including C in your fun blog.

    From Jerusalem, Bonnie

  2. Sally Campbell Palmer

    Hi Bonnie – Best to you and Harvey!!

  3. Vicki Daugherty

    I would really like to know who’s dress she is wearing in the Hormel ad.

  4. Beth McNett

    Me, too. I love the dress! Tell us more about the dress.