Demolition, Renovation, Relocation Update

Interested in saving a couple of old Westport houses? (Or want them gone?)

Here are your chances.

Tomorrow (Thursday, July 18), the Planning & Zoning Commission will consider a new plan from Terrain. It will save the 1900-era house on the corner of Post Road and Crescent  Road; will increase the store’s parking by 29 spots, and will move off-loading of trucks from Crescent Road to their own property.

Sources say 8:15-ish is the best time to get there for the Terrain application.

If you can’t attend the meeting, contact P&Z director Larry Bradley ( He’ll put all emails in a file for P&Z members to read.

The house on Terrain's Post Road property, at the corner of Crescent Road.

The house on Terrain’s Post Road property, at the corner of Crescent Road.

Then, on Thursday (July 25, 7 p.m.) the P&Z will review use of town land, as it relates to the relocation of the Kemper-Gunn House (35 Church Lane).

RTM member Matt Mandell has organized an online petition, in hopes of convincing town bodies to move the building a few yards away, to the Elm Street parking lot (prior to construction of Bedford Square).

Finally, there’s the Saugatuck firehouse. On Wednesday, August 28, the RTM Long Range Planning Committee will hear public input on possible relocation sites.

And you thought you had the summer off!

5 responses to “Demolition, Renovation, Relocation Update

  1. Sandy Soennichsen

    C’mon people, it’s an old house that apparently has absolutely no historical significance other than it is from the 1900s and on the Post Road. Who lived in it? Were the residents of that house of any note, were they founders of Westport? And even if the answer to either of those questions is yes, it’s an old house, it serves no purpose for anyone, get rid of it. If the town wants it, or some do gooders want to keep it restored, let them buy it and move it. Don’t our town politicians have more to do or worry about worry about? Get rid of it.

  2. Jamie Walsh

    C’mon Sandy…Aside from the fact that a whole lot of people in Westport believe that older structures contribute to the overall character of our town… A commitment was made by Terrain to maintain the structure in order for P&Z to finalize the approvals. Terrain agreed in good faith and then reneged. They also did not consult their landlord the Currans who were outraged that this proposed demolition of the building was being proposed to the town without their knowledge… If you owned a property that you leased to someone and they decided to tear or modify it without your knowledge or permission, would you not be a little hot under the collar…I think so. I encourage you to watch a short video made by Matt Mandell explaining the significance of the house and the controversy surrounding the agreement that Terrain made with P&Z . You can find the video at
    Hopefully, you can understand, that aside from the great schools, amenities like Compo and The Levitt Pavillion…ect, one of the major distinguishing factors that separates Westport from other characterless and homogenous towns is our sense and pride in preservation.

  3. Well, if the new proposal saves the house, somehow creates more parking spots, and moves truck deliveries off the side road, is there ANY downside? It seems like this will make everyone happy. Of course if something seems too good to be true it probably has a catch. Is there something we’re (I’m) missing?

  4. Matthew Mandell

    Ed – Not missing anything, this is a good deal. What could make it better was a use for the house other than display for external Terrain products.

    On the other issue of the Gunn House, as Dan noted there is an on-line petition, but there is also a web page I created to give more info. Go read, sign the petition.

  5. Katrina Salmond

    So sad that all of the old homes and properties are being destroyed. One hundred years from now, people will want old homes.