Thanks, Katherine Hooper…

…for the photo of the downtown view — taken from near Bartaco — that serves as “06880”‘s new header.

In addition to being a good friend, Katherine is a fantastic photographer.

Check out her “Photography in My Life” blog here.

Meanwhile, here is a look at the woman behind the lens:

Katherine Hooper

9 responses to “Thanks, Katherine Hooper…

  1. Nice!

  2. Mary Beth Murray

    Thanks! A lot of great subjects and shots. Love the ducks!

  3. Very cool self-portrait.

  4. Stacy Jagerson Fowle

    You’ve got great taste Dan!

  5. Doug Conner

    Dan, I feel that this new header would look a lot better without the border. For some reason, this treatment is cheapening this otherwise beautiful photo.

  6. I thought it looked less strong without the border. Anyone else want to chime in?

  7. thanks for the shout out Dan and the complements from your readers. see you all at the big shindig on the 18th! i’ll bring my camera.
    btw, funny reading the comments on the pic. this was my least fav of the bunch i sent you!