Westport ‘Hoods

An alert “06880” reader —  but one who does not yet live in 06880 — writes:

As an out-of-towner looking to move to Westport, I have a hard time judging which corner of town would work best for a family with children.

I’m especially interested in having other kids around for some of that old- fashioned, unstructured, non-adult organized playtime. Your readers’ thoughts will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Leaving aside the question of whether there is any place here with non-adult organized playtime, let’s crowd source this one.

  • What are the pluses and minuses of your neighborhood?
  • What about other parts of town?
  • What factors did you consider when moving where you did — and what have you learned about your neighborhood that you wouldn’t have known before?
  • If you had it to do over again, would you move there? If not, where else in Westport would you go?

Remember, our reader has young kids — so please keep that part of her search in mind.

And please be both honest and civil. I know you can do it!

Last summer, kids living near Compo set up a lemonade stand. In 4 days, they raised over $500 for the Hole in the Wall Gang.

Last summer, kids living near Compo set up a lemonade stand. In 4 days, they raised over $500 for the Hole in the Wall Gang.

Meanwhile, the other end of town features easily kid-accessible and ever-popular Christie's Country Store.

Meanwhile, the other end of town features the easily kid-accessible and ever-popular Christie’s Country Store.

17 responses to “Westport ‘Hoods

  1. Mary Ruggiero

    My “hood” – the Clinton Ave area, has had quite a few young families move in during the past few years. Kids are visible riding their bikes and playing catch in the mornings and evenings. Traffic on these streets is minimal – residents only for the most part. The streets are quiet, small and within walking distance to town, baseball field and tennis courts on North Compo, and of course, Coffee An’. House prices here are entry level to moderate – a good range and there are about 4 houses for sale around here right now!

    Good luck choosing your place!

  2. Jeff Jacobs

    The more things change, the more they stay the same:
    -We moved to a cul-de-sac off of Compo Rd North more than 20 years ago because of the proximity to town and to tennis/ballfields. Other people felt the same way: there were 9 kids living in the 4 houses, who essentially grew up together.
    -For the next 5 or 6 years, the homes in our neighborhood were occupied by empty-nesters. Over the past 2 years, there are now 7 elementary-school aged kids living in the cul-de-sac who can walk together to the bus stop and who draw sidewalk chalk on the driveways.

  3. That’s a bit like trying to pre-determine “wonderful neighbors” – but my vote would be 1) a Cul-de-Sac – that allowed my daughter to grow up as I did, running around in ours and neighbors’ yards, bicycling and playing ball on the street, unsupervised but safe. The other suggestion would be Compo beach, where the kids seem to come out in droves. Of course, Compo comes with its own drawbacks, like million dollar pricetags accompanied by the occasional devastating flood.

  4. nancy stewart

    Evergreen Ave, Gorham Ave, Caccamo Lane, Juniper Rd, etc that surround this in town location. A walk to downtown and the opposite walk to doughnut shop, hardware store (locally owned). Prices for houses(some new some old) have a wide range, for Westport. Children galore! Halloween is a happening. Neighbors organize progressive dinners and block parties.

    • John McCarthy

      And of course home to 2 local historic districts, which means if you buy in either the Gorham Ave or Evergreen Ave Historic District, your neighbor can’t tear down his house and put up a behemoth McMansion. We like our appropriately scaled houses. Not for everyone, of course, but we think they are pretty neat.

  5. Jo Ann Davidson

    My kids grew up, early years, on Sue Terrace, a private road, and I understand there are still lots of kids there. They gather at the bus stop and play in the yards. We moved to Whitney St where they played in neighboring Turtleback and Peaceful Lane. Kids don’t seem to be outside as much and the school bus stops at every driveway so kids and moms don’t congregate like we did.
    Too bad.

  6. The Compo Beach neighborhood is alive with activity year round–not just during the summer months (when it’s teeming with activity). There are many obvious reasons why one would like this area (the beach, the marina, the playground, the park-like ambience…). One thing in particular that we really like is that it has plenty of families, but also a mix of types of families, couples, single people, all ages, some long-time Westporters, some newcomers, mostly full-timers but some weekenders and summer-only people, the list goes on…

  7. Betty Lou Cummings

    I have lived on Saugatuck Island for 47 years, Saugatuck Shores.Tommy & I have raised three boys…they come back with their grandchildren now of course…Our Island has its own beach, 4th of July Parade & Pool Party, a Holiday party, its own directory & it is the safest place for Halloween and…very close to the train station….we love it here…great people and neighbors & lots of children of all ages!!!…it is the best….Betty Lou Cummings

    • The ultimate cul-de-sac: Saugatuck Shores. Places for kids to roam freely, safely (assuming they can swim). But it is very far from Coleytown and Staples schools.

      -Dan Lasley

  8. Melissa Augeri

    While there are many great areas in Westport, if the objective is to find a place with genuine “old- fashioned, unstructured, non-adult organized playtime” there is no place like Caccamo Lane and Caccamo Trail. With very little traffic and lots of families with children — lemonade stands, soccer games, wiffle ball games, biking, games of tag, a lively bus stop and a lot of games with made up names that only children are privy to are all a priceless part of our everyday life here. Tamarac Road, Juniper Road, Gorham Ave, Evergreen Parkway and Lone Pine Lane are all an extended part of this amazing neighborhood that we love to call home!

  9. Silver Brook/Bonnie Brook is a neighborhood with young families and enough old timers for balance, an annual neighborhood picnic and a great online communication system, and wide level streets with walkers, runners, dogs, and bikers. There is traffic cutting through at the morning rush hour, but relatively peaceful most of the time.

    • Fred Cantor

      When is the annual neighborhood picnic? How about opening it up to former residents? (We never had one back in the 1960s).

      Seriously, I grew up around the corner from Silverbrook Road. There were six of us in the same grade, with a variety of outdoor sports/games throughout the four seasons: wiffle ball, baseball, touch football, basketball, and sledding, not to mention bicycling and skateboarding down the big hill starting at Weston Road (although the hill does not look all that big now).

      It was a great neighborhood for kids back then.

      I showed that neighborhood to a friend not long ago who was considering moving to Westport–and who wanted a big yard–and she loved it.

      PS–do kids play wiffle ball anymore?

      • The good news is, yes, kids still play wiffle ball. The bad news is, they play it as a video game.

        Just kidding. (I hope.)

  10. Mary Ruggiero

    Having been the first post on this topic, I now realize it will be very difficult for those potential newcomers to make a choice. In fact, if I move, it will be tough for me, too!

  11. Steve Lance

    Any short dead-end street.

  12. Regi Kendig

    What could be better than Old Hill with Earthplace in your backyard? It’s such an amazing place for children to play and learn.

  13. Ellen Lautenberg

    A plug for the “Christie’s” side of town. I live on a cul de sac in that area and I would not eliminate any part of town when looking at houses. Although there were not a large number of young kids on the street when my kids were younger, they could ride their bikes or find playmates in the area. HOWEVER, as they got older, it has been a huge bonus that they could walk to the middle and highschool AND hang out at Christie’s with friends frien