Thanks, Cyrus!

An alert (and impressed) “06880” reader writes:

I was in The Flowerfall yesterday — right before Staples’ Senior Prom.

It was very busy, with lots of corsage pick-ups going on.

I noticed that as each boy left, walking past the work table where corsage-making was still underway, they talked to the very creative Cyrus.

“Thanks, Cyrus.” “Bye, Cyrus.” “See you soon, Cyrus.” On and on it went.

It was so charming, and so nice to see these polite Stapleites on a first-name basis with Cyrus.

It made my day!

Cyrus takes a brief break.

Cyrus takes a brief break.


3 responses to “Thanks, Cyrus!

  1. Cathy Talmadge

    So happy to see young men at Staples appreciate the artistry of Cyrus….
    He is amazing…. Creating masterpieces of nature!

  2. the best florist in Westport !!

  3. Kim Crowther Manning

    I am so glad your reader wrote to you with this story. I had an experience with Cyrus that I felt was so worthy of posting on 06880 but with all the hustle and bustle of the prom it went by the wayside.
    I had ordered a corsage from another florist in town and I was so disappointed with the result (especially having paid $30 for a few teeny tiny roses and some tacky ribbon). On my way to run some other errands I passed The Flowerfall. On the spur of the moment I decided to turn around and run in to see if I could order a rush on another corsage. Despite having grown up here in Westport and living back here again for the last 17 years, I had never once set foot inside The Flowerfall. I am so glad I did that day. What a wonderful, kind, generous and talented man Cyrus is! I will never go to any other florist ever again. The word “florist” does not do him or his business justice. He is a true artist.
    He was hard at work, surrounded by bits of stems, leaves and heads of flowers, scissors, hot glue and wire. He told me at first that he wouldn’t have the time to create a corsage for me, but then had his son (I think it’s his son???) show me an extra one he had made that was in a box in the refrigerated room behind is workstation which was stacked with probably 30 other boxes of corsages and boutonnières waiting for pick-up. Even that room was like a museum full of his beautiful work. I joked that if I bought this corsage it would be the most expensive corsage ever, considering that I had already spent $30 on another one. With that Cyrus said “oh, I can’t let you do that” and took $5.00 off his price. I was ready to buy it as is and leave him to his work, but he took it out of the box and began walking around the shop looking for flowers he could add to match my son’s prom date’s dress. He brought the corsage and the other flowers he chose back to his workstation and began to recreate the corsage, turning what was already a work of art into a masterpiece! While he worked we chatted about his shop and his clients. It was very easy to see his passion for his work. He told me he hadn’t slept the night before because he was worrying about how he would get everything done – he puts so much care into each piece he creates that it takes time and he gets overwhelmed sometimes. But he wasn’t complaining. He said “this is how I know things are good – when I can’t sleep I know I’m doing well”.
    So, I too, would like to say “THANKS, CYRUS” for creating a stunning corsage for me at the last minute, and doing it with such care and a personal touch that I doubt any other “florist” around here can match.