Speaking Of Slovenly…

On Saturday, I posted a photo of a mess at Compo Beach. A bunch of party-goers dumped all their garbage next to a trash can.

At least the great Parks & Rec crew cleaned it up quickly.

The dumpster in Parker Harding Plaza — within sight of Starbucks, the benches by the river, and just about everyone shopping in downtown Westport — nearly always looks like this:

Parker Harding mess

It’s an astonishing sight, really.

And one most of us Westporters have, sadly, gotten completely used to.

14 responses to “Speaking Of Slovenly…

  1. Eric William Buchroeder

    Looks like the work of the brown bear. No Westporter would do that.

  2. I don’t get it. Greenwich and New Canaan have large parking lots behind their retails stores and don’t have overflowing dumpsters everywhere. In fact, I don’t recall even seeing any dumpsters. These dumpsters in Parker Harding have been an eyesore and disgrace for years. The DMA can do a MUCH better job – if they wanted to.

    • John McCarthy

      They don’t want to. Until they get complete control over downtown. This will be used as an example of why we need to spend $300K to fund a study that will tell us that we need metered parking garages to replace the parking spaces foregone by “reclaiming the river front” all wrapped up in a “public-private” partnership that will take over managing and controlling our downtown shopping mall so that downtown doesn’t have unsightly garbage problems. This is the only way to solve the garbage problem, proponents will say.

  3. Bobbie Herman

    It’s a shame, because that’s what out-of-towners first see when they come here.

  4. Nick thiemann

    If the DMA (Downtown Merchant’s Association) were made up of downtown merchants I’m sure a solution would have been found years ago. Main Street is owned by multinational brands and absentee landlords. They don’t see the trash heaps in Harder Parking, Their only concern is foot traffic and the bottom line. they are used to having all this done my the mall owners, their usual landlords.
    The RTM should take a more agressive role in managing our downtown. The leadership shown by the DMA in the past has vanished, and our present administration seems asleep at the switch.

    • John McCarthy

      With a weak and absentee 1st Selectman, there is a leadership vacuum in Westport. Making sure public spaces are kept litter free is a basic government function that is the role of the executive and his department heads. Expecting the RTM, the legislative body, to pro-actively provide leadership on this or any other matter in town is not the answer. It would be great if we (the RTM) would do that, but we don’t and we are not really set up to do so. The RTM is made up of 36 volunteers who expect to put in 3-8 hours a month working on RTM matters. Some do more. But in my 6 years on the RTM there has been only 1 issue, the plastic bag ban, that was championed and implemented by the RTM (apologies if I forgot other initiatives.)

      I would love to hear what our 1st Selectman candidates feel about this issue and the proper role of the 1st Selectman. I would support whoever came out and said that they wanted to be the 1st Selectman that put a strong Town Manager in place and relegated their own role to that of ribbon cutter.

  5. “Ribbon Cutter”
    Can we submit past and future nominees?

    • John McCarthy

      Tom, please do. Anyone else concerned that the comments on 06880 are becoming as interesting as WN?

      • Tom Feeley

        It’s a boring shame. I spoke to a VERY prominent Republican and Democrat, who both commented they loved the comments. But in this Politically Correct world, you can only speak in platitudes if you use your name.

        The blog has only broken double digit comments a few times since the NEW PC LAW was instituted. The blog asking our opinion about requiring names got to 225!

        As the Dude would say: “WTF?!”

        • John McCarthy

          Tom, It is sad that the many people involved in town government are so scared to let people know what they really think. They act as if they are in a Senatorial or Presidential campaign. The fact that we actually have “Prominent” politicians in this town is actually quite funny. Such egos for a town of 25K people.

  6. Bobbie Herman

    Many years ago (1993-2001) I served on the Westport Zoning Board of Appeals. After we turned down an application by a very popular town businessman, we received threatening phone calls and death threats! No wonder people are afraid to say what’s on their minds.

    But I notice how the comments have dropped off since Dan instituted the “Use your own name” rule.

    • Yes, comments have dropped off since I instituted the new rule (which 98% of the 95 comments that day applauded). On the other hand, the quality of comments has vastly improved (for example, those on pop-up dining — a very rational discussion of the pros and cons).

      AND “06880” is getting 2000 or so more hits per day than a couple of months ago. Go figure.

      • Bobbie Herman

        My computer got glitchy before i could finish my comment. I wanted to add that the comments have become more courteous and less nasty, In fact, not nasty at all.

      • Quality up
        Humor down
        Comments down
        Reading quality comments down (see humor)
        (good comments got placement in the chaos)
        ADHD down & gone
        Wisecracking gone
        Anger release gone
        Fun site to visit?
        Guess so if hits are up.
        Guess not if funny comments are down
        But then “go figure.”
        Sometimes I would post something so I could sign up for updates on a topic I knew would go off the rails and I wanted to get it blow by blow, not read in reply sequence. No need any more. Before, my iPhone sounded like machine gun with all the back n forth. Now it’s quiet.
        Maybe, as Martha said: “and that’s a good thing.”