The Bear Came Over The Mountain…

Actually, we’re not sure where he came from.

But we know where he was spotted: Tupelo Road.

Other Bayberry Lane-area residents saw the black bear this evening too.

Bear on Tupelo Road, Westport CT

This may not be the best photograph “06880” has ever run.

But it sure is one of the scariest.

16 responses to “The Bear Came Over The Mountain…

  1. Sandy Soennichsen

    He must have heard about all the pop out dining Westport has, and the new ones which might be. At least he won’t use up a parking space.

  2. Madeleine ("Mandy") Mercier


  3. Jamie Walsh

    He was looking for some Tupelo honey 900 miles off course.

  4. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Now we have the answer… To the age old question Does a bear crap in the woods And the answer is no he craps in Westport

  5. Bart Shuldman

    Jeff. See what you did. No more dogs outside. And forget about cats. Nice pic. Next time get closer.

  6. This Code Red Alert was sent at 6:42 a.m. this morning. This bear gets around:

    Black bear actively roaming in the Weston Rd area seeking residential garbage. Bear is not aggressive, Do not approach, be aware of your surroundings when outside. Take caution when letting your pets out.

  7. I hope we don’t Taze it!

  8. JPVellotti

    Suddenly the deer are no longer such a big deal…

  9. Phil (real name) Perlah

    Does the bear eat deer?

  10. Tracy Hinson

    We saw the bear this morning walking through our yard on Wilton Road. Kids went crazy and haven’t stopped talking about it.

  11. Grayson Weir

    Bears are scary!!!! AH!!!!

  12. Grayson Weir

    Can I keep the bear as a pet and breed it or is that against animal code? either way i’d like to meet him to chat about his thoughts on bear laws and codes and maybe to know what he thinks about obamacare. You know the old saying, bears are the best politicians

  13. Grayson Weir

    I think the black bear could be helpful to our ecosystem because it will eat all of the dangerous unicorns

  14. Phil Perlah

    Interesting, Westport Now posted two bear photos + a video and received total of 2 comments.

  15. I wonder how far this bear’s range extends.
    He (she?) seems to be covering a lot of ground. And looks big enough to go wherever he wants. (Must be a bear market… )