Someone Had A Beach Party…

…and this is the result:

Compo Beach

Alert — and disgusted — “06880” reader Diane Lowman snapped this photo earlier today.

It reeked, she noted. The party-goers did put their crap near the trash can — but they made no effort to bag it, or take it to an adjacent empty trash container.

Diane added, “Of course when we walked by again the amazing Parks & Rec staff had cleaned it up.”

Still, not the most auspicious start to summer.

8 responses to “Someone Had A Beach Party…

  1. Kids! “nowadays” aren’t responsible for their own behavior as long as their parents always do everything for them. Guessing none in this group had the garbage detail after family picnics. Dad did lol!

  2. Nice bust, Diane! I’ve also been appalled to see what people will do. I saw a mother change her baby and leave the soiled diaper right on the beach. She didn’t even attempt to get it anywhere near the trash. What are these people thinking?

  3. A question I ask frequently is: What is wrong with people?

  4. Diane Cady

    All of the above is true. However, we need more garbage cans now. The full array of cans has not been placed along the beach yet.

    • Tom Feeley

      You got it, Diane 😉

    • Elisabeth Rose

      It may be that the trash cans have not yet been put out, but that is no excuse. Most people (at least I hope it is still “most”), seeing there weren’t enough or big enough trash cans, would drive home to get a trash bag and then leave it in one of their own garbage cans. (I say this with the assumption that the kids didn’t drive from very far away…)

  5. Bruce mcFadden

    Looks a little like the Staples cafeteria after the third lunch! The clean up battle has been a challenge for many years.

  6. In the summer of ’67, I worked for Westport Recreation and the first task of the day was to clean up the beach. Amazing what trash was discarded and this was far before “recycling” or can deposits were fashionable. We used to blame it on the “New Yorkers” then. Can’t anymore. )