Litter-ally Ridiculous

Eileen Flug is the moderator of Westport’s RTM.

She’s also a very alert citizen. And she possesses a fine sense of the absurd.

The other day, at a local gas station, Eileen spotted this:


It was an anti-littering flyer, from a cigarette pack.

Lying in the middle of the parking lot.

Eileen picked up the anti-litter litter.

4 responses to “Litter-ally Ridiculous

  1. Jane Nordli Jessep

    Perhaps some English teacher was illustrating the concept of irony. ?

  2. David Stalling

    Sad. But at least it wasn’t the cigarette butts themselves — they are far, far more toxic to the environment than paper. But I’ll assume the Butts were likely scattered around as well.

  3. Tom Feeley

    Eileen, you are a fine citizen 😉

  4. Betsy p kahn

    Fine sense of the Absurd–Indeed!!!! YAY-Eileen : )