Pretty In Pink

Sand and salt from storms like Irene and Sandy had Westporters wondering whether the beauty of the beach was irreparably harmed.

The answer is a resounding “no!”

Bradley Street (Westport CT)

This was the scene yesterday, on Bradley Street just a block from Compo.

Of course, spring in Westport does not last long.

Today, the blossoms might already be gone.

5 responses to “Pretty In Pink

  1. Tom Leyden

    Nice to see that tree blooming…..BUT…

    Make no mistake about it Irene and Sandy did harm/damage to my property on Bradley Street…

    8 12 foot tall arbor vitae…DOA;
    8 large rhododendron…DOA;
    8 mature decorative boxwoods…DOA;
    two large mature azalea…DOA.

    All these plants were put in after Irene, the 100 year storm! The lawn survived, three lilacs planted after Irene made it. Three deciduous trees on my property came through OK (I think).

    Take a good look at the evergreens, arbor vitae or similar evergreens including 30-40 year old (or older trees) in and around the beach community….very, very expensive damage. We’ve been here 42 years and never experienced before or have seen the surrounding salt water damage to plantings….just sayin!

  2. mary hoffman

    Mary Hoffman
    Are the pine trees with orange needles permanently damaged?

  3. Tom Leyden

    Depends I guess but I had an arborist tell me that most of the heavily browned evergreens were kaput

  4. I asked that same question to Longshore Golf Course Superintendent Dan Rackliffe at the latest meeting of the Greens Committee, which reports to the Golf Advisory Committee. After 25 years on the job, he knows the old white pines on the course (most planted in the 1960s after the town bought the once private club), and has consulted with numerous experts. The consensus is that many of the pines will recover from the salt-spray damage, but it may take a year or two. Trees with roots that were saturated by the surge are in worse shape (he and his crew tried to flush those areas with fresh water immediately after the storm) and may not recover. There’s talk of a donate-a-tree program if the worst comes to pass, but figure on lots of pine-needle mulch in coming months under many of the pine trees close by the Sound!

  5. The salt water rose to four feet around my house thoroughly saturating all the plantings and shrubs. I watered the shrubs for 48 hours afterward non-stop to no avail. I hope the big old evergreen trees on Compo Road on private property between Bradley and the beach make it. They are very old and were gorgeous. Most of the arbor vitae in the area were hit hard and have croaked. Many were planted after Irene. Sad, sad….but as I tell folks “You live by the beach…you die by the beach.” Whatever happened to us is NOTHING compared to the folk on south shore Long Island and the barrier islands in New Jersey. Their homes were devastated.