Missing Parrots

Not long ago, several trees near the Compo Beach basketball courts were chopped down. Dozens of squawking monk parrots had nested there.

Last week, the Blu Parrot closed.

Westport is in grave danger of being parrot-less.

Too bad they’re not deer.

Monk parrot

9 responses to “Missing Parrots

  1. robertstevenwilliams

    those parrots were loud, but McMansions are more obnoxious — I’d rather have deer in my yard than have to listen to the relentless banging of construction in this town. why don’t you start advocating to knock all the trees down, then no one will have to worry about any wildlife bothering folks. rsw


    Against the Grain Communications


  2. Tom Feeley

    Can we go back to Anon for just one blog?

  3. brad french

    I work on lower Bluewater Hill and would clean-up fallen nests. They snap off large twigs with their beaks and make big nests. i haven’t seen them this year. They fly in groups and they are loud.

  4. Julie O'Grady

    Don’t worry–We still have “The Duck”!!!

  5. Holly Wheeler

    … or Canadian geese !!!

  6. These are known as Monk/Quaker Parakeets. They are an invasive species brought from areas of similar climate in South America, and have no business here in the States.