It’s Party Time! (“06880”-Style)

It may not be the wolf lying down with the lamb.

No — this might be even more remarkable.

Mark your calendar: Thursday, July 18 (6 p.m.). That’s the date of the 1st-ever “06880” party.

Every member of the “06880” (as in, this website) community is invited. Democrats, Republicans, libertarians, fascists — even socialist wealth-distributors (that’s me). Like the comments section, this event is a big tent. (Metaphorically speaking — if it rains, we’ll postpone to July 25.)

We’ll gather at Compo Beach — the alcohol-is-okay end. Bring your own food, beverages, beach chairs and blankets. Like the website, “06880” simply provides the space to get together, have a good time, chat, laugh, and of course bitch.

We expect a big turnout at our "06880" party on July 18.

We expect a big turnout at our “06880” party on July 18.

We’ll have name tags. Feel free to use your real name, your “0688o” alias, or (like most of you) “Anonymous.”

There’s no charge. It’s a “fun-raiser,” not a fundraiser.

The “06880” tagline is “Where Westport meets the world.” Let’s call this party “where ‘06880’ meets each other.”

One final thing: We picked a Thursday because the beach is not as crowded as on weekends. As alert readers know, “06880” does not believe in reserving tables.

117 responses to “It’s Party Time! (“06880”-Style)

  1. Westporter Since '03

    OMG Dan – I can’t wait ! Our first Rave as a blog community — oh, that’s right — most of us RAVE everyday… on your site.

    Oh, and you forgot to mention the Wet Blanket contest — you know: for those post-ers who love to throw a wet blanket over everyone else’s positive Comments.

    Perhaps you should make it a MASKED Ball ? To accommodate the plethora of “Anonymous’ ?” Anonymouses ? Anonymi ?

    Sounds like a blast.

    I hope “Unaffiliateds” are welcome too,
    cuz I’m a real party girl/guy/person…

    Count me in ! 🙂

  2. How did you get that picture of me?

    Can’t wait for the party, great idea!

  3. Brilliant! And thanks, Dan.

  4. Don Willmott

    “Hi, Anonymous. I’d like you to meet Anonymous.”
    “Pleased to meet you. And this is my friend Anonymous.”
    “Hi. I want a speed bump.”
    But seriously, Dan, great idea!

    • Westport Delight

      If it were up to many of the commenters on 06880, this town would ban driving all together and no one could be permitted to pass through. You know. Just to make sure we stayed in the 1800s and kept that “quaint” and charming feel. Because it totally went downhill with the arrival of chains… LOL

  5. Westport Delight

    Can we recreate the picture above with Dan as the bikini lady? Just asking.

  6. U. Zooelly N. Trouble

    Sounds like my kind of event (one I can’t make). Have fun with the bimbo in the bikini!!!!

  7. Will Chubby Lane’s and Big Top provide refreshment?

  8. Babette d'Yveine

    I’d love to come, but I don’t have a Westport beach sticker. That’s because I live in Fairfield.

  9. Don't be so generous with my money!

    Since you’re a self-professed socialist and wealth distributor, I take it you’re supply the wine and a nice spread from one of our fine local (all organic of course) restaurants.
    Thanks Dan!

    • Well, as I said in the post above: “Bring your own food, beverages, beach chairs and blankets. Like the website, “06880″ simply provides the space to get together, have a good time, chat, laugh, and of course bitch.”

      • Woog's Willy

        To be fair, that does then contradict your own self-proclaimed edict of being a socialist. Even if it was a joke. This commenter has a point.

    • Problem is that Dan wants Our money distributed, not his.

      • Patently untrue, Anonymous. I have said many times that I am proud to pay my share.

        • Woog's Willy

          But your share would be patently less than the CEO of a national corporation who built the entire company from the ground up. True?

          • Perhaps. But I would argue that the CEO could afford it more.

            • Woog's Willy

              Even if they earned that from blood, sweat, and tears? From building something and actually creating it? They don’t deserve to keep that? The perceived “fair share” by someone receiving assistance, or financially struggling, is going to be much different to someone who actually earned their wealth and have it.

              Note: I’m not referring to bankers who make millions and get lucky with risky bets

              • So…if someone is financially struggling they can’t also be bleeding, sweating and crying to earn their pay?

                A hundred bucks from Dan (or me, for that matter) would be a larger percentage of his/my earnings than $1,000 from a CEO — provided the CEO takes an honest paycheck and doesn’t hide behind a $1 salary and gazzillions in deferred stock options, etc. — and therefore be a much larger share paid out by the one who earns less.

                • You clearly didn’t read Willy’s comment… Try taking a reading comprehension class. /facepalm

            • You might argue that, but there is no metric to make your case. It is pure prejudice on your part and nothing else.

          • Babette d'Yveine

            But Dan would probably be paying a higher percentage of his income than the CEO.

        • Don't be so generous with my money!

          Just don’t ‘volunteer’ my share!

          • Don't be so generous with my money!

            And who are you to decide what anyone’s ‘fair share’ is?
            I would rather those who demand I share my bounty and who call me greedy, share my work ethic instead.

    • Patriot & Socialist

      We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.


      We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    • Instead on everyone bringing food, there should be a public trough so all of the socialists can belly up and feel at home.

      • David Stalling

        I am considering catching and eating some striped bass, lobsters or clams, but I’m afraid the species are in decline because much of their habitat has been lost and degraded from too many conservatives who worship profit above all else and are working to rescind and block efforts to protect clean air, clean water and fish and wildlife habitat.

        The public trough is a good idea, but in reality you will find that the great majority of individuals who (and so-called “red” states that) rely most on federal subsidies and handouts voted and delegated their electoral votes to Republicans. Perhaps we should call it the “Trough of Hypocrites.”

        Hope to see you there. Toss me some scraps!

        • The states that border on the Sound are run by lefties like yourself. Conservatives are honest about their motives, you lefties worship money, other people’s money.

          The trough will be dedicated to the 47% who pay no federal income taxes. Unfortunately, if the top 10% don’t show up, you will starve.

          BTW states do not get transfer payments; people do. The people who get the wealth transfers are your sort; lefties who can’t compete.

          • Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson

            Jeez-O-Pete, when are you gonna cut out all of your vile hate-filled nonsense? What a broken record are you, and not a very amusing one, and not an accurate one, and not an informative one. Life must be pure misery for you. Try not inflicting it all on the rest of us. Or is that a “socialist” attitude, too? You’re about as imaginative as your screen name.

          • David Stalling

            You sure make a lot of silly assumptions. It’s no wonder you remain anonymous; it’s easy to insult folks and make up lies when you’re hiding. You’re obviously insecure, rude, ignorant and cowardly, but you do bring some entertainment value to Dan’s site.

            • Right back at you Davey. No one makes more silly assumption than you do.

              • David Stalling

                I don’t make any assumptions about who’s a “lefty” and who’s a “righty” based on short blog posts; I leave that up to you. Or perhaps it was the other anonymous? Difficult to keep track of which cowardly anonymous is which . . .

                • “too many conservatives who worship profit” Yeah right no assumption, no prejudice, just the facts. How abut too many lefties who covet what others have produced?

                  • David Stalling

                    There are too many conservatives who worship profit above all else. It’s why they fight like crazy to rescind and block almost all efforts to protect clean air, clean water and fish and wildlife habitat.

                    But I if you carefully read what I wrote above, I did not claim to not make assumptions. I said I do not make assumptions about who’s a “lefty” and who’s a “righty” based on blog posts. There’s a difference.

                    Folks like you love spreading the myth that “righties” produce and “lefities” just take. It’s an assumption easily disproved — even by the lone fact that the people who rely most on government subsidies and handouts voted for Mitt Romney in the last presidential election.

                    But as I said, it’s easy (if not amazingly cowardly) to insult people and spread lies when you you hide behind anonymity. i see why you would not want anyone to know who you really are. But, as I said, it’s entertaining.

                    • Jack Whittle

                      Dave –

                      Actually, you did make a grand, sweeping assumption: “I’m afraid the species are in decline because much of their habitat has been lost and degraded from too many conservatives who worship profit above all else and are working to rescind and block efforts to protect clean air, clean water and fish and wildlife habitat.”

                      Actually, that’s worse than an assumption; it’s a statement which ascribes responsibility for environmental degradation to conservatives. It’s not only filled with tortured and childish logic with absolute generalizations (only conservatives are motivated by financial reward, and only those who are motivated by financial reward are polluters, thus all conservatives and only conservatives are polluters; only liberals are environmentalists and seek to protect the environment, while all conservatives are out to harm the environment). Wouldn’t it sound just as ridiculous if I said “all liberals are pot-smoking freeloaders who aren’t interested in working but rather just want to have conservatives (who are all wealthy) feed, clothe and house them”?

                      If you are going to speak in such a manner (as is certainly your right) it makes you a bit of a hypocrite to then turn around and criticize others for spreading myths, lies and engaging in foolish generalizations while claiming you are quite above doing so yourself.

                    • Stavid Dalling

                      THE BIGGEST AND BOLDEST LIE: even by the lone fact that the people who rely most on government subsidies and handouts voted for Mitt Romney in the last presidential election.

                      David Stalling, present your evidence immediately or crawl back into the Montana cave where your like-minded friends can stroke that ego of yours!

                    • David Stalling


                      It’s refreshing to see a person with a real name not hiding behind anonymity! I respect you for that, and you do indeed bring up some good points. Thanks.

                      Again, I said I do not make assumptions about who is a “leftie” and who is a “rightie” based on blog posts. I did not say I do not make assumptions. There is a difference.

                      As for my assumption that too many conservatives place profit above all else and contribute to the degradation of our natural resources . . . well, unfortunately, it’s true. I’ve worked in the wildlife conservation profession for many years, and it used to be a pretty bipartisan cause. It was actually President Nixon who signed the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Acts. In more recent years, however, it is primarily the GOP that is working to rescind and and block efforts to protect fish and wildlife habitat. It’s even part of the official GOP platform, adopted at their convention last years, calls for rescinding and blocking important conservation efforts and selling off much of our public lands.

                      The current GOP even works hard to block collaborative efforts I am involved with, throughout Montana, working cooperatively with ranchers, hunters, anglers, farmers, timber companies and gas and oil companies to make a profit while protecting critical fish and wildlife habitat.

                      Yes, of course there are many conservatives who do care about the environment. When President George W. Bush first took office, and pushed for removing all environmental analysis and review from gas and oil production in the West, it was actually conservative Montana hunters, anglers, ranchers, farmers and others who fought against it. However, the GOP itself, and most of the GOP members of Congress, support the degradation and even worked to suppress and discredit good scientific data.

                      I think it’s a fairly safe and accurate assumption to say that today’s GOP is not so environmental friendly, and do indeed tend to put profit above all else.

                      And yes, it would indeed be ridiculous to assume something like all lefties are pot smokers, or that all lefties are “socialist” “takers” living off the public trough . . . and yet those are the sorts of ridiculous assumptions the cowardly anonymous folks on here make all the time.

                      As for me: I served eight years in a Marine Corps special ops unit called Force Recon not only because I wanted to serve my country, but it was the only way I could get my college education paid for. I worked two jobs while earning my two degrees, have worked hard all my life, earned my own way, gladly pay my share of taxes, I hunt, I fish, I have a gun safe full of rifles and shotguns, and I work throughout the West on cooperative, collaborative efforts with farmers, ranchers, timber companies, gas and oil companies, hunters, anglers and others to find and promote sustainable, responsible ways to extract and produce the resources we all need while protecting and restoring critical fish and wildlife habitat as well as the clean air and clean water that also sustains us all.

                      Currently, the biggest block to getting this work done is the GOP. It wasn’t always that way. I hope it changes.

                      You sayng thall liberals are pot-smoking freeloaders who aren’t interested in working but rather just want to have conservatives (who are all wealthy) feed, clothe and house them”?

                    • David Stalling

                      An anonymous guy telling me to go back into hiding? Really? Now that’s pretty funny. I don’t hide: That I would make me as cowardly as you. But I can see why you remain in hiding.

                    • Environmentalism raises the cost of output and lowers the amount. Those who live at subsistence levels pay the highest prices for the environmentalists fanaticism.

                    • David Stalling

                      Anonymous: You consider us hunters and anglers who work cooperatively with rural ranchers, farmers, loggers, timber companies and gas and oil companies to promote sustainable ways to extract and produce resources while protecting fish and wildlife habitat as “environmental fanatics”? You’re welcome to come out to Montana and meet some of those “fanatics” . . . we just might surprise you. None of us make much money, but we get to fill our freezers with wild elk, deer, trout, and pronghorn every year. We fanatics are wild that way.

      • David Stalling

        PS: I’m also gay, so would likely be explicitly excluded from any public trough established by conservatives.

  10. John McCarthy

    Wow, exciting stuff. Marpe and Kaner and Steinberg and Garten need to make sure they come as themselves and not as any pseudonyms they might use. You can’t vote for a pseudonym, last time I checked.

  11. Do they still have pay parking across from the entrance?

  12. If I bring my own food does it have to be from Elvira’s or can I buy it from a food truck?

    • Woog's Willy

      If you don’t buy it from Elvira’s, they’ll probably report you to the Town and try to file a lawsuit or get you banned from the beach. It’s what we have become familiar with from them, sadly.

  13. Great idea, Dan! Community development 2013 style!

  14. Jack Whittle

    Given the number of anonymous and pseudonym posters, wouldn’t a masquerade ball be more appropriate?

    I’m really interested in attending (the unmasked Compo beach version) if for no other reason than to see who among the “anonymi” are brave enough to come out, so to speak 😉

  15. I marked it on my calendar. I’m hoping to finally meet the esteemed local author, Carl Addison Swanson.

  16. Dennis Jackson

    Dan, Staples reunions sometimes get permission for alumni who live outside Westport to get in free for the day. Might that be a possibility for this party?

  17. Haven’t commented in a couple of months but still around. This sounds interesting. I have been known to ruffle feathers on here, so it’s probably safer to stay at home — Estelle and her BB gun can’t get me there!!!

    • Jim think about attending.
      I plan on even though I disagree with Dan politically, however I respect him and appreciate his efforts.
      I expect the crowd to be a Westport version of a OWS crowd, just older and weirder!

  18. David Stalling

    I imagine a few bullies walking around the party trying to kick sand in people’s faces while hiding behind veils. I suppose there’s still time to kick a chair, gamble a stamp and subscribe to the Charles Atlas program between now and July 18th.

  19. Golden Woogies

    Dan you could also make it fun with some games –
    Perhaps have 3 different people introduce themselves (say a few things), then we have to match the name to the person.
    Sort of a ‘What’s My Line’ and you could have many rounds.

    Or some awards (Golden Woogies) –

    1. Most posts/comments from one person
    2. Most pseudonyms from a single person
    3. Most polite poster
    4. Poster that received the most positive reactions
    5. Poster that irritated the community the most
    6. Poster the furthermost from 06880 (need not be present to win)
    7. Most frequent poster
    8. The poster who made the greatest contribution to the community
    9. Biggest fan of Dan (that award could be called Dan’s Fanny)

  20. At this gathering, Dan will not be able to “close the thread.” I suggest he rethink the entire exercise.

  21. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Dan, it would be great if there was a way for alumni to get into the beach for this “party” without having to pay. I think that Debbie Hooper Fisher always got the class members of ’69 in for nothing on the Sunday after our reunions. People just had to tell the guard that they were in the class of ’69. I have her contact info if you email me.


    • I think everyone who attends should pay their fair share, There should be no freeloading.

    • I checked — that’s only for real “town” events like reunions. Sorry — maybe you can snag a ride with a current Westporter!

      • Just offer a friendly handshake with a $20 – neatly folded into a little square. It works.

      • Babette d'Yveine

        I guess I won’t be attending then.

      • Jack Whittle

        Shhhh, double-secret way to enjoy Compo Beach on the weekends for those without a beach permit:

        1. Park for free at the Saugatuck train station.
        2. Enjoy the walk across the train bridge and up Ferry Lane to Compo Road, and on down to the beach (about 1.5 miles total) OR take a cab from said train station (where cabs are plentiful) to the beach, for about $7

  22. Putting my table cloth & cooler on one of the picnic tables tomorrow to save my spot!!

  23. What is the over/under for the shutdown of this thread?

  24. I wish I could be there, just to eavesdrop on the conversations. I hope you all have fun.

  25. What a great idea- a reunion of people who when they know what each has written to Dan’s blog probably wouldn’t want to shake hands with most of them!

    So how to tell who is who and which is which-

    Just offer “Free beer to the socialists(those who want to collect social security/medicare/home mortgage deductions/dependent deductions, help from FEMA, loans for college, police protection, fire protection, community colleges etc) and Pay for your beer to the capitalists(who in the spirit of a long dead German fascist Ayn Rand- want the rugged individualist with six shooters and assault weapons to make their way in the world unhindered by rules and regulations- I assume including speed limits, ponzi schemes, sham tax shelters, insider trading etc).

    What a country!! What a beach party!!

  26. Janice Beecher

    Boy! That really did degenerate into a nasty diatribe, didn’t it! I just wish I could make it. I’ll be in the area at the end of May, but will be back in Panama in July. Can we have a mini-reunion in May? Just sayin’.

  27. OMG Dan – so much for a nice, fun idea! Some of these people have WAY too much time on their hands. I hope I can attend and I hope that everyone can be civil in person – it is SO MUCH easier to be rude and to voice your opinions when you are behind the veil of anonymity.

  28. Bart Shuldman

    Dan. I just discovered that anyone who has children or a child away for the summer, might be away Thursday as visiting day starts Friday. Always good to know if any conflict exists. The following week this issue does not exist. Hope this helps. Unfortunately I will be one of those away.

  29. All this from a party invitation? Just say thanks and I’ll see you there!