Roger Muchnick’s Memorial

The newest memorial on Veterans Green honors Lance Cpl. Roger Muchnick.

The display — across from Town Hall, in front of a plaque dedicated to Westporters killed in World War II — includes flowers, flags, candles, photos from Muchnick’s football career, and Staples Wreckers memorabilia.

Roger Muchnick memorial

The memorial was created by Alison and Greg Fisher. Monica and Bill Vaughn, Caroline Kelly and Amie Waiter added to it.

The Fishers also planted flowers for Roger by the Staples lacrosse field flagpole, and at Compo Beach.

Muchnick — a Marine who served 2 tours in Afghanistan, and died last Monday in a mortar accident in Nevada — will be honored this Friday (March 29) with a funeral service at St. Ann’s Church in Lenox, Massachusetts.

34 responses to “Roger Muchnick’s Memorial

  1. A lovely tribute to a young man gone much too soon. I believe the friends who created this memorial did so in the hope that those who can’t get to Lenox on Friday could pay their respects here at home.

  2. The Dude Abides

    A nice gesture to a tragic death. War is hell. One day we might just start realizing it and end the endless array of memorials arising from moronic wars. Semper Fi, Roger.

    • Except this death didn’t occur on the battlefield. It happened during a standard training session, which would be taking place regardless of any war we’re currently engaged in. Nice try, though.

      RIP. God Bless.

      • The Dude Abides

        I am not sure the 2nd Marine Division would be utilizing live mortar rounds in training if a war was not going on and an expectation of a return to the “battlefield.” Your dismissal of any war connection diminishes this young man’s heroic service and a sure bet that such wars will continue.

        • And you’re using the death of this young man, who I knew well, to politicize your own anti-war sentiments. Enough is enough, Dude. Show some CLASS and RESPECT. It’s an unknown concept to you, it seems.

          • The Dude Abides

            I have been to war. Have you? If not, shut up. I will respond with Pat Tillman’s brother statement at his memorial service: “Fuck the Army. Fuck this memorial. Pat can’t feel anything. Pat can’t hear anything. What Pat would want is for this not to happen to anyone else.” If you want to shed your tears by a grave side, fine. I want to yell from the roof tops for this insanity to STOP!

            • I can only imagine you were against our involvement in WWI and WWII, then? That’s good to know. You might as well be shaking the hands of comrades in Nazi Germany.

              I was close to Roger, and he believed in this country. He went to war because he believed in the cause and what America has been doing throughout the world. You come on here and try to make something very personal VERY political.

              How dare you. You’re a sad, bitter old man. Allow Roger’s friends and family to mourn in peace. Go into the bathroom and yell at the mirror. You’ll have more success yelling at yourself.

              • The Dude Abides

                As I said, if you haven’t been to war, shut up!

                • Obama has not been to war, should he shut up? How about the students in the streets in the 60’s, should they have shut up?

                  • The Dude Abides

                    ’44 does listen to his military advisers and makes rare speeches regarding either Afghanistan or Iraq. Once the draft lottery was implemented, many many of the college protestors did find other forms of recreation including “shutting up” about the Vietnam war.

                    • Westport Delight

                      You didn’t really answer the question, though. In your opinion, should Obama shut up about the wars since he never fought in one? What about all of those in Congress? Do tell, Doodie.

                    • The Dude Abides

                      Our President has been Commander of Chief of the Armed Forces for over five years during two wars. Certainly qualifies for time served. And how much time did you serve? Oh yeah, you were hanging with Mitt, Westport Deferred.

              • Justin Carmichael, USMC (RET)

                Just a minute, DLK. The USA armed the Taliban against the Russians in the 1980’s and now we are fighting against them? And we are training the Afghan military who are shooting our soldiers when their backs are turned. You are defending such a war? Get over yourself. Just like the chickenhawks in Congress. All mouth. Bring the troops home and stop this silliness.

                • You are making a good argument. It is time for the silliness to end; bring all of the troops home.

          • Here they go again!!! Two fools

        • U. Zooelly N. Trouble

          Dude, you’re one of my favorite gad flies and an honest veteran but part of the reason why Marines are the world’s best of the best is that they’ve always trained with live rounds. The ironic tragedy is that Roger trained with live rounds, then did two tours in combat and survived (due in part to his training) only to die of a training accident. The closest case of this that comes to mind is that of Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone who won the MOH at Guadalcanal. The USMC will NEVER forget Roger. You can count on that.

          • The Dude Abides

            Semper Fi, UZNT. Perhaps only you understand my frustration with the tragedy when young Marines are taken at too early an age. This is not only the longest war but also a war that has no tax, no draft and no rationing whatsoever in support of the troops. I see returning VETS every Thursday at West Haven. Many are suicidal, many in the depths of depression. And despite their grief here, putting flowers on a fake grave, don’t cut the mustard with me. Damn straight, we will not forget you Roger Muchnicks and maybe a few will wake up to this travesty of our dying young and stop more being killed?

            • Westport Delight

              What does that have to do with a blog post highlighting a nice memorial to honor Mr. Muchnick? This is definitely not the time or place for your blabbering.

              • The Dude Abides

                Who nominated you King of his blog? The Professor has editorial discretion. When is a good time? Veterans Day? You all want to sweep this hero’s death under the carpet and go back to your boring lives. You are doing so with Newtown and our dead Veterans. Time to make some noise, wake up you lazy apathetic citizens to the realities of these stupid wars.

  3. Just throwing this out there but what if next years homecoming game turns into a tribute to a Westport hero!! We should honor him at that game..I am thinking coach P would be totally behind it. The planning should start soon, we can turn a tragedy into a tribute. Who’s with me ?

  4. Iraq Veteran

    I am really sorry to learn of Roger’s death. But people should know that many veterans are coming back really screwed up. I can’t sleep. I am getting counseling but it is hard. Most guys I know come back changed. Not too much flag waving going on with us. That’s all. I thought maybe people should know.

  5. My God, the lack of sensibility displayed in this Comments section is mind-numbingly painful. I would implore Dan to consider closing the comments out of respect for the Muchnicks who I know are deeply hurting right now.

    DLK – You’re politicizing this, as well. Even if you do not think so. Be careful.

    Dude Abides – Let it go, man. Good God. This is a blog post commemorating a fallen soldier. Allow the community, his friends, and his family, to mourn in peace. The last thing they need to see when they come to this nice post is your asinine rambling and political musings about the war. I happen to agree with much of what you’re saying and no, I have not been to war (should I “shut up”?). But you need to calm down. I now see why you took such a long break from here…

    • As Frank noted, please keep comments respectful. And that includes not calling other posters “asinine.”

      • It alarms me that you are, in effect, condoning his ASININE comments just because it is “The Dude.”

    • The Dude Abides

      The Professor hardly condones my comments and sometimes edits them. The last time he did so was regarding the young Fairfield Prep student who committed suicide. I was appalled that such could happen in this area with the resources available for crisis’ hotlines or the like. If you believe, Mr. Boten, that the parents of fallen victims read this blog to find condolence, you are the bigger ass.

      • Westport Delight

        Hey Dude! Get a job! Or a life!

        • The Dude Abides

          If following me around on this blog making junior high comments is YOUR life, right back at you.

          • Westport Delight

            Fortunately, I already have a life. Phew! Rest in Peace, Mr. Muchnick.

            • The Dude Abides

              You even misspelled his name. Next week, you won’t even remember it. Phoney.

              • Westport Delight

                How do you figure? His name is Roger Muchnick. Can you point how I misspelled it in the original comment? That’s exactly what I wrote. “Mr. Muchnick.”

                • The Dude Abides

                  I made a mistake, I apologize on the spelling. So what time do I pick you up on Thursday to go the West Haven VA for the morning?? We visit amputees and the badly injured, counsel vets on legal issues and listen to some of their problems. 5 hours tops.

  6. U. Zooelly N. Trouble

    Roger is in a better place now (and we’re not) God bless you Roger and Semper Fi!!!!!!

  7. I’ve been away this afternoon, and just saw some of these comments. I think everyone has had his say. I’ll be closing comments on this thread now.