Staples Players’ “Chorus Line” Heads To New York

Staples Players has a 55-year tradition of wowing audiences with professional-style productions.

But it was Players’ turn to be stunned tonight.

At the end of the final performance of “A Chorus Line” — after thunderous applause for the cast, crew, pit orchestra, choreographers and directors — Marvin Hamlisch’s widow came on stage.

She saw the matinee earlier today, then stayed for the 2nd show. She praised everyone profusely, then mentioned that her late husband — who wrote the music to the show — will be honored on his birthday this June with a gala performance in New York.

Dozens of Broadway stars will be there — and now, thanks to her invitation, so will Staples Players.

You can’t ask for a more dramatic finish — or a more well-deserved encore — than that.

The "Chorus Line" cast. (Photo by Kerry Long)

The “Chorus Line” cast. (Photo by Kerry Long)

34 responses to “Staples Players’ “Chorus Line” Heads To New York

  1. Amazing! Really something and well-deserved!

  2. I am so thrilled for them. Well deserved. It was an incredible performance–Bravo!

  3. Alison Shiboski

    Fabulous! The Staples Players seem one of the very few things left in my home town that continue to be original and worthwhile. Oh, and your column of course, Dan!

  4. To be in that theater when those students realized what was happening…..magic in its purest form! I am so honored to have shared that moment. Staples Players you make us all SO proud!

  5. Truly a SINGULAR SENSATION! Bravo Staples Players!

  6. Douglass Davidoff

    Congrats to Staples ’75 classmate Bradley Jones and his gift of choreography!

  7. Ann Friedman

    What a coup! It gave me the chills when I read this. David, you are wonderful; so happy for you.

  8. My wife and I have seen a lot of theatre in New York over the years and, all we can say is, last night’s performance was sensational. And what a wonderful surprise at the end. Kudos to the Staples Players program!

  9. Tom Allen '66

    One more singular sensation in a lineage extending back to the late 1950s and Craig Matheson, Christopher Lloyd and Mariette Hartley. Congrats, Players!

  10. If there could be a Tony Award for high school musicals, Staples Players would win hands down for their production of “A Chorus Line.” By far, the BEST Players production I’ve ever seen! Bravo/Brava Players!

  11. Michele Wrubel


  12. It was an amazing performance-watched it fri night with my family-the talent was top quality

  13. Wow. Bradley Jones pulls off the unprecedented. Congrats to all involved.

  14. Saw the show opening night. “At The Ballet” brought me to tears! By the way, I believe the Players will per performing at the birthday gala in June!

  15. Adriane Heine

    Wonderful! Westport is proud!!

  16. The Dude Abides

    The Staples players have always been top gun but can’t they find a way to do something from the 21st century???

    • My understanding is that the licensing fees for recent plays are prohibitive. Other shows are completely prohibited from being produced by high school groups.

    • Actually many recent shows are not available to perform. However, Staples Players has performed the following 21st Century plays in recent years: THE LARAMIE PROJECT, CURTAINS, ALMOST, MAINE, and URINETOWN. We were also among the the first high schools to perform such hits from the late 90’s as RENT, LES MISERABLES, CHILDREN OF EDEN, and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Thanks for your concern, Dude. Did you have a suggestion for another 21st century play?

      • The Dude Abides

        My suggestion would be to find a local playwright or Staples student to write a play for production.

      • Westport Delight

        You’re misrepresenting our beloved Staples Players. Please check your facts before attempting to speak for all of us Players, so as to not make us look foolish or pompous:

        “We were also among the first high schools to perform such hits from the late 90’s as RENT, LES MISERABLES, CHILDREN OF EDEN, and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST”

        1. Not true about RENT (it had been around and available for quite some time)
        2. It was LES MISERABLES: SCHOOL EDITION. That’s an important distinction.
        3. See #1 about CHILDREN OF EDEN
        4. Definitely see #1 about BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (seriously? one of the first high schools? no.)

        And Dan, you are incorrect. There are many contemporary plays that are very affordable. The year the play was written has nothing to do with the licensing fee. A show like A CHORUS LINE, or OKLAHOMA!, will cost someone much more than many of the more obscure shows from the 21st century.

        • Westport Delight

          Not sure why it posted under a pseudonym for me either, David. Weird!

          — DLK

  17. Staples Players

    The above comment was from me (David Roth). Didn’t realize it would post as Anonymous.

  18. so are they just going to broadway in june or are they preforming??

  19. John McCarthy

    Anyone else wonder why less than half the pit orchestra were Staples students. Sounded great, but what happened to the days when the pit orchestra was all students? It was always a great collaboration between the music department and players.

    • Most music kids at Staples aren’t interested in playing for the musicals. Probably due to length of rehearsals that focus mostly on the performers.

      • Actually, those days are not long gone, it just varies among shows. For A Chorus Line, the student pit would only have less than 3 months to rehearse before opening, which is very difficult to do with minimal practices per month. The music is extremely complicated, and therefore, some students did not have the time to participate in this show because they would not have the extra time on their own to practice. This means we needed some professional musicians to step in. However, some of our professionals are staples alumni themselves, showing that they would love to come back to the staples players pit! I think it’s important to realize here that although one show may have some aspects that are different from another, it does not mean that the organization has changed completely. It’s still a place where students come to perform whether sitting in the pit or standing on stage.

        Please think before you speak, it’s quite a bummer when a 16 year old has to come in and correct you on something you should just be appreciating as a member of the audience

    • Westport Delight

      Those days are long gone, John.

  20. As a Staples Players Alumni and VP of Players in 1972, I’d like to extend a hearty congratulations to David Roth, Bradley Jones and the cast and crew! Their efforts to continue the tradition of producimg and performing quality productions that exemplify excellent training and development of young artists is marvelous!

  21. First and foremost, congratulations to the Staples Players! What an amazing accolade. Second, I find it so disheartening when people can find something to criticize in something so positive instead of just being thrilled.

  22. Patricia and Marty Sixsmith

    We saw the Broadway Show aand The Movie, but the Performance by the Staples Players was as Good as The originals!!!!! They were Fantastic!! Especially Michael Sixsmith, he put his Heart and Soul into it and it Showed !!!!!