Make Your Maker Faire Mark

President Kennedy once welcomed a gaggle of Nobel Prize winners to the White House as “the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.”

You could say the same thing about the upcoming Mini Maker Faire.

This Brooklyn Aerodrome contraption was part of last year's Maker Faire.

This Brooklyn Aerodrome contraption was part of last year’s Maker Faire.

The event — set for Saturday, April 27 (10 a.m.-4 p.m., Westport Library and Jesup Green) brings together science, crafts, arts, engineering, technology, music and workshops.

It’s a hands-on celebration for everyone who has ever built something, created something, or appreciates those who have.

A hundred or so “Makers” will strut their stuff. Those from Westport include

  • Staples and middle schools robotics teams
  • Ben Shay, a Staples student demonstrating a home-built scuba diving propulsion unit)
  • Guerric Vornle von Haagenfels, also fromStaples, exhibiting blacksmithing techniques (if the fire marshal approves)
  • Tim Walker, displaying antique and modern amateur radio equipment
  • Wakeman Town Farm junior apprentices.

There’s plenty more, like a dancer who wears a body suit that translates movements into sound and graphics; solar-powered race cars; 3D printing, and an artist who carves images into the lead at the end of a pencil.

A few spots remain. If you’ve got a do-it-yourself project you want to share — and are not intimidated by all the Thomas Jefferson-types above — click here for a submission form. Entries close March 28.

3 responses to “Make Your Maker Faire Mark

  1. The Mini-Maker Faire is a fantastic event. This year, the CT chapter of the Awesome Foundation is offering a $1000 prize to the exhibitor who most exemplifies the Maker Faire principles of innovation, experimentation, craftsmanship and just plain awesomeness. (More information on our website

  2. LLWestporter

    This is exactly how Jesup Green should be used in perpetuity! Leave it green so that everyone can enjoy, communicate, exhibit, revel and be inspired.