I Hate It When…

Westporters — “06880” included — love to complain.

There are never enough check-out people at Fresh Market.

The coach plays my kid on defense, but he’s really a midfielder.

People take up extra spaces in the parking lot.

They seem like legitimate complaints.

They’re not.

As we return from vacation — The lift lines were so long! I got selected for special screening at the airport! The infinity pool was closed for maintenance! — and head back to our normal Westport lives — The traffic light by Winslow Park seems mis-timed! The teacher didn’t say this was going to be on the test! I had to walk so far to get to my Y exercise class! — we should all take a deep breath. We should all look around this beautiful town.

And we should all spend one minute watching the YouTube video below. (Click here if your browser does not link directly to it.)

10 responses to “I Hate It When…

  1. So true — grew up in Westport and have lived other places since then. Really took so many things for granted growing up. Most of all, the schools and the great education I got (as I’ve mentioned before); not only history, science, etc. but in the arts — all the arts!!! I was in orchestra, band, marching band, choir, numerous plays by the Players (both cast and crew) and also enjoyed amazing teachers in English, history, art (drawing and painting), and all other subjects. The music education I got was (as it turned out) what set me on a lifelong path — not only with playing violin (classical and “fiddle”) but performing as a singer, etc. Not to mention the great folk music scene (1960s) and rock concerts we had at Staples!!! Wasn’t until I was a step-parent in another state that I realized the horrendous quality of education and generally poor school administration compared with Westport. I’m very grateful now to be from 06880

  2. In our fast food, plugged in, fast paced world, we forget many right around here aren’t getting the basics; a nurturing relationship, real nutrition, human interaction. adequate sleep, or a sense of belonging or relevence, High schoolers just got back from Guyana where, I was told, the little kids feel open and safe enough to come up to you and hold your hand. What would it take for our kids to do that? Those complaints may sound silly but what are they really saying?

    • Don’t get me wrong here. I am a happy camper here in Westport and so were my parents and my kids. But…just because we complain about stupid things doesn’t mean we should assume anything. You never know where someone’s head is at.

  3. As the Twitter meme goes: #firstworldproblems.

  4. This is great. If you opened up every post with this video I bet you would never get another complaint again.

  5. Thank you, thats all I really and can say.

  6. We use this expression in my house on a regular basis. We find that it immediately snaps us back into reality. It’s a new twist on my mother’s old “there are children starving in (fill in the blank)”

    And most of the first world problems – when flipped aropund – point to something good to be grateful for. Staying wedded to the “gratitude” will change your life. I remember families dealing with a lost loved one in (/11 – were saying how grateful they were to find a “Piece of the body” to bury. Hearing that, changed me forever.

  7. 9/11