When Rev. Debra Haffner was snowed in by this weekend’s blizzard, she didn’t pray for a miracle. Or even a plow.

She took to Twitter.

#nemoworshipUsing the hashtag #nemoworship, Rev. Haffner — community minister at Westport’s Unitarian Church — created a “virtual service.”

A couple of dozen people participated, according to WSHU, which broadcast the story this morning.

One of Rev. Haffner’s tweets gave thanks for “safety, heat and electricity, (and) virtual companionship.”

She ended: “Thanks be to God, for all who tried our tweet experiment.”

(Click here — then click “Listen” on the WSHU page — to hear the  full story.)

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  1. technology enabling humanity to move one step closer to a universal spiritual consciousness.

  2. Douglas Engelbart

    You got that right.
    Thank you.