Party On With Morris Jesup!

Although the Westport Library is closing at noon today — and tomorrow’s “Designers Under 30” event has been postponed — the gala “Great Gatsby Party” is on. Doors — hopefully all shoveled out — open at 7 p.m. tomorrow.

Morris Jesup — the library founder — is spending today getting his Roaring ’20s outfit ready. Here’s a start:

Morris Jesup, Westport Public Library

In other storm-related news, feel free to email interesting photos to “06880.” That will give you something to do, until the power goes out.

One more thought: Since when did blizzards start getting names? And if you had every name in the world to pick from, would you choose “Nemo”?

4 responses to “Party On With Morris Jesup!

  1. Not just “Nemo”, the other name for this storm – maybe the other component – is “Charlotte”. Kind of confusing for us at the juncture of the two…not to mention that neither name has any seemingly menacing qualities!

  2. Dan,

    I expect a full report from you in the midst of the blizzard later tonight. Don’t let us down. Risk it all for the blog!

    Also, I know you probably have no interest but please consider bringing some attention to Landon’s epic fail today when he decided to keep school open. Some kids are still in school right now and the roads are an absolute mess.

    I almost wiped out on Roseville and visibility on Easton Road is awful. There are multiple accidents waiting to happen here.

  3. They started getting names this year from the weather channel as a marketing ploy. The names are not recognized by NOAA.

  4. Call it the blizzard of 13