Minuteman Statue Vandalized Again

It was bad enough last month, when someone stuck flowers in the Minuteman’s musket, and hung a peace sign around his neck.

That photo on “06880” — without a word of text — spurred a record 293 comments. Some posters shrieked for the arrest of whoever defaced our beloved statue in such a horrific way.

I am sure the Taliban those commenters will be equally appalled at today’s horrible sight. I join all concerned Westporters in calling for the arrest, conviction and execution of anyone responsible for this most recent mockery of freedom.

Westport Minuteman statue

On the other hand, it may simply be a tribute to Ed Koch.

26 responses to “Minuteman Statue Vandalized Again

  1. Make Brunch, Not War.

    • An occasional bagel is fine. What concerns me, is that I heard he was taking Vitavitavegemin like in that I love lucy episode:)
      Benay from SHE 3

  2. I like flowers more than doughnuts.
    And, better for you!

  3. I drive past there so many times a day — could I have missed this last one?
    I have never seen anyone climb over the fence however… I enjoy your postings!

  4. That’s awesome and a perfect tribute.

  5. Babette d'Yveine

    Love it!

  6. Dan laments a lack of civility and then he calls those who diagree with him the Taliban. I think this blog attracts the type of people Dan runs with.

  7. Go to http://kck.st/SJI7VU and hit play to figure out why. International isn’t foreign anymore!

  8. Minuteman now advertising for Great Cakes

  9. I’m for anything that pays tribute to Ed Koch, one of the all-time greats (cream cheese preferred).

  10. That is disgusting and disrespectful!!!!!!!!

  11. U. Zooelly N. Trouble

    If Estelle had put a bagel on her BB gun from WalMart she wouldn’t have been arrested.

  12. It’s not vandalism. It’d take one second to pluck that bagel away.

    • Don’t worry, the birds got the bagel before the “digital film” was dry. Now, there is an outcry for what the vandal birds did to the statue, after they ate said bagel!

  13. I have often wondered how the holes are created in bagels.

  14. Westporter4ever

    Maybe it’s a Great Cakes bagel…and this is a symbol that Westport Continues to Fight the Good Fight! #SAVEGREATCAKES…LOL sorry does great cakes even make bagels?? I go right for the Chocolate Croissants so i wouldn’t know!!!

  15. lighten up

  16. How about these clues? bagels in Krakow and NYC; Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz; mashing up local and global…Intrigued? Click here to find out more! http://kck.st/SJI7VU

  17. Ed Koch tribute!

  18. Maybe it’s a British bagel.

  19. did they buy the bagel at Great Cakes?

  20. Sniper in a tree 24/7 ! πŸ˜‰
    OK, I’ll settle for a Photagrapher.