You Can Save Great Cakes Today!

Sarah Green — one of the founders of Kool To Be Kind — saw this morning’s “06880” post on the dire straits of Great Cakes.

Owner Rick Dickinson has always been kind to her organization. She emailed me:

great-cakes-logoLynne Goldstein, Cindy Eigen and I are in Great Cakes right now brainstorming ways to save this wonderful local business. Basically, Rick needs $4,000 by tomorrow. If people will come in TODAY and give $100 or $200  for a prepaid account, he can make it … for now.

We need to save the man’s business. Here is someone who was struggling but STILL donated  to K2BK, for example. We as a community can save him!

Is there any way you can blog this now?


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  1. I will put it in Friday’s Our Town Crier and am happy to help in any way that I can!

  2. I just got this email:

    “I am a long time customer. I sometimes leave for work at 5 in the morning and although he isn’t officially open for business, rRick always has coffee made for the early birds!

    Don’t I recall Elvira’s having a financial crisis a few years ago and the neighbors came to the rescue!!??

    I have 2 kids in college, a husband out of work, work overtime at my full time job and also carry a part time job, times are tough….but today I will be dropping some cash off to RICK!!! Paying it forward!

  3. I just called and gave them my contribution via credit card!!! If you cannot get there personally…they will take your credit card!!! Reach into your wallet and undo what some overzelous mommy and daddy’s are doing… Sticking it to a local merchant who has done a lot more than some of the fancy chain store do for this town!

  4. Please Support Small Businesses

    Is it at all possible that Bridgewater support Great Cakes?! Per Dan’s earlier post this morning, it seems like $4k would hardly be missed at Bridgewater. Thanks to Dan and the Moms who are working hard to spread the word and save a local business. This is a great reminder to all of us of what will happen if we choose only to patronize the ‘big guys’.

  5. Long before everyone with food allergies felt that everyone without should cater to them, I – with food allergies; not a common diagnosis then – would go to Great Cakes with friends. Friends would get cupcakes and I would get a cup of icing. The parents that insisted on a school wide ‘cupcake ban’ should have thought of alternatives. Their insensitivity and self-centeredness should not have been catered to. I still can’t believe that it was.

  6. Keep trying to call but no one is answering the phone, is the # 203-222-9696?? Want to give them my credit card!

  7. same…i will keep trying!

  8. when my husband had shoulder surgery Rick would have his bagel already cut with cream cheese for him since he couldn’t cut it, he can’t close!!!!

  9. Great Cakes is packed! I offered to answer phones, press is there. Please help, maybe buy a cupcake or two for a 25 or 50 dollar check. They are dealing with many visitors, and it is hard to answer phones.

    There are no words to express our feelings towards Rick and Bonnie, and our efforts to help have just begun. Surf’s Up!

  10. I had problems getting through but be persistent… It seems like they have some phone issues… They are so appreciative!!! This is the right thing to do!!! Somehow, eating the amount of cupcake and goodies I have stuffed down my gullet allowed did not hamper my ability to be a productive contributing individual I. Today’s frenetic world!

  11. Oh… And I hate autocorrect!

  12. For those that are trying to call, don’t give up! I was just there –Rick is trying his best to answer the phone and take care of customers at the same time. He needs your support!

  13. i just got through he has customers helping him with phones, etc, apparently it’s crazy busy!! # is 203-222-9696

  14. Does anyone know what time they are open until today?

    • Hours: Mon – Thu, 5am – 6pm; Fri, 6am – 6pm; Sat, 6am – 5pm; Sun, 6am – 1pm

  15. Westporter4ever

    Please keep us updated..I shared on my FB but do not have the funds to help. Spoke with my brother who is devastated and trying to make his way over there now. He too is big Great Cakes Fan, and after losing his beloved Hostess, is just beside himself!!!! #SAVEGREATCAKES!

  16. Was just over there. It is a wonderful example of the Westport spirit! The shelves are almost bare, and everyone is giving extra money. Now I know why customers in coats were behind the counter answering the phone! Hope this effort works. As I was walking out, the man behind me ordered 50 cupcakes! The power of Dan Woog’s reach at work!!

  17. proud to be a Westporter!!!!!

  18. Just called and gave my card number. The woman who answered the phone said the line was out the door and the phone has been ringing off the hook. I asked her name and she said she was just a regular customer who had come in to help and was now answering phones and taking donations! THIS is Westport at its finest, and I wish it was like this all the time.

  19. Susan Walton Wynkoop, President Westport Historical Society

    Was just there to make a contribution in that everytime I am there to request some cookies for one of our fundraisers, Rick just smiles and says, “How many do you need?”
    Susan Walton Wynkoop
    President Westport Historical Society

  20. does anyone know if it has made enough yet! this is a fantastic place! we cannot let it go out of business!

  21. I understand this is a tragedy, but what kind of business can post things like this and not even notify the employees… Let alone the baker that’s been there for 20 plus years???? I don’t understand, if a business like this is so “great” and do something so selfish and underhanded? I think the truth of this whole story needs to come to light, and an owner need to grow a pair and conduct business like a professional .

    • I agree the “truth” does need to come out; how can someone who is so integral to the business not know the condition of the business?

    • Wow ed – really???

    • Personally, I think it takes a very strong person to admit that there is something wrong and to try and figure out ways in which to fix the problem. This is probably the most humbling thing that could happen to anyone. I do not think that anyone would ask for this, nor do I think that many people would be able to keep their head high while asking for help. The fact that people are being so generous and kind is incredible and I know for a fact that the people who work there are extremely appreciative. So thank you Ed, for your opinion, but I don’t think my father needs to “grow a pair”.

  22. Something a 10 year old told me today: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Don’t gossip. Don’t talk about other people’s private stuff. I think the adults could learn from this 10 year old.

    • But…But….But….That’s NOT the “Westport way.” Didn’t you know that?!?! It’s customary of us to ignore our neighbors, close the local shops, and ban cupcakes.

      We are a town of jaded transplants from NYC, now. Too busy with going to parties and making money… We have no time for the basic principles of kindness. Didn’t you you know???


      • Don’t drag NYC into this ‘cupcake ban’. No real New Yorker would let their local bakery go down. The neighborhood baker, newstand, grocer, etc., is held in high regard by New Yorkers no matter where they are. Real New Yorkers never lose that appreciation for their neighbors.

  23. I would like to congratulate Sarah, Cindy and Lynne on their creativity in getting Dan to get the message out. The community DOES care and came out to show their support (Jim – guess you characterized at least some of us incorrectly). Hopefully it will help them stay afloat.

  24. way to go ED love you. You are so right.

  25. Stephanie Guterl

    Is it too late to donate??

  26. Brendan Dickinson

    Thank you for posting this Dan and getting the word out. And thank you to everyone who helped out.

  27. wow Jim at least you learned how to capatalize ED’S name, and yes I do love MY SON…

  28. Cassidy where do you work?

  29. Ed, your point is spot on. And yes admitting that there is a problem is difficult, but not to include those you rely on most is just unprofessional. This place is not just the livelihood of the owner, but for all who work there. For them to find out through the grapevine and not from this supposed great man is downright wrong. Karma is a bitch. Treat those who provide for you with love and compassion. Someone obviously missed that lesson.