Great Cakes/Great Story

Once word got out this morning that Great Cakes might close tomorrow — owner Rick Dickinson was unsure whether he could weather the tough period between the holidays and Easter — Westporters went to work.

Folks flooded the popular bakery. They bought coffee, challah and cupcakes.

They handed over cash and checks. And they opened “pre-paid accounts,” to tide Rick through the next few weeks.

Here’s a sign on the front window, made and posted by some Kool2BKind moms:

Great Cakes sign

“Save Our Store” it says. “Open your pre-pay account. Great Cakes knows it’s Kool To Be Kind.”

Meanwhile, here’s another we-love-Great Cakes poster, created by Kings Highway 2nd grader Ryan Lapatine:

It says:

Do you like cake and cupcakes? Great Cake’s

They also have cupcakes, bread and coffe.

You can sit inside.

The employees are REALY nice.

What’s especially impressive is that Ryan chose Great Cakes as her topic for a “persuasive writing” class assignment.

Last week.

21 responses to “Great Cakes/Great Story

  1. The Power of the Woog! Great job Dan!

  2. Dan, how are we doing…do they need more bucks?

  3. Dan, do you have an update? I am planning to stop by in the morning to do my part, and am hoping to find the lights still on. Any word?

  4. fabulous! Why am I thinking of “it’s a wonderful life”. Very cool. Maybe the meanie mommies will reconsider & allow cupcakes – once a month for birthday parties? those were great elementary school memories. We had them & I run marathons. Sweets weren’t withheld, moderation. Hey Dan, how ’bout bringing back Big Top next?

  5. Laurie Brannigan

    yay… please stay Great Cakes! We love you! We went today and I loves seeing all the people there wanting to help!

  6. My real estate partner, Lisa Marie Alter, just dropped off a check from Decimal Point. Wild scene.

    Way to go Dan! Building up good Karma points ;-).

    Thanks for letting us in on the “save.”

  7. This is totally great. I’m in Texas and was wishing I could be there!!

  8. Thanks for letting us know Dan. I was there this morning before I knew about any of this buying my favorite chocolate croissant, and will go back again tomorrow!

  9. Instead of going to dinner on Sat. at Tarry Lodge, The Whelk, Oaxaca Kitchen, Spotted Horse etc., please donate $100 to Rick at Great Cakes! This will help even more than pre-paid accounts.

  10. Dan,

    How’d Rick make out?

    • It was a great day! From a little girl with her $3.47 piggy bank, to people handing over $100 bills, he’s good to go. He is so grateful to the town he’s always supported — now they’re supporting him. THANKS for asking!

  11. FYI – it is not just about the school cupcakes and “meanie mommies” – there is now more competition in town than ever: besides other baked goods and coffee shops (have you seen how busy Starbucks is at all hours of the day and night?), kids are attracted to frozen yogurt and other new options. No one wants to see Great Cakes go out of business, including parents who prefer their children celebrate birthdays at school without it centering on food for MANY reasons – it is not a “cupcake ban”! Had Rick let people know that he was in dire straights they would have helped out sooner. It is great that the community came out to help – as it should be! But Rick will have to get creative to maintain his competitiveness. (I did post this same comment in the earlier article)

    • So….basically….what you’re saying is that you are one of those meanie mommies who supported the draconian cupcake ban?

      Okay. Cool. Hope you feel good about yourself.

    • You are right, as a result of the agitation by a few, all food was banned at birthday celebrations. This action was taken with littlle or no discussion with the parent population at large. Unfortunately, the school sytem operates in this manner on any number of issues, and this gives leverage to those with the loudest voices.

  12. Although the retirement luncheon in Norwalk at one of my clients yesterday was catered by Stew’s (which is nearby), the very large and delicious cake that everyone raved about came from Great Cakes (which is not so nearby). I don’t think anyone in the company was aware of Rick’s troubles, but I am pleased now to know that my client went out of his way to go there. A chocolate croissant in the morning sounds good to me!

  13. Kerstin Warner

    I dropped by this morning – they have power and loads of pastry. It’s a wonderful life in Westport when the community shows its support!

  14. I think that the community outreach to this gentleman is awesome, but there are a few things I am confused by. How is it that it comes down to the last day of the month for the business owner to say that it looks like he will have to close the next day ? It certainly wasn’t a surprise to the owner when he woke up that morning that he was in trouble financially with the store . My point ? Whatever great things members of the community just did will be short-lived it seems in helping Great Cakes stay open. Secondly, I know nothing about the “cupcake” issue , but are we to believe that so much of his business was cupcakes for school parties that the ban crippled his business ? Really ??
    That being said, good job to all those who helped out .

    • Yes. That was over 15% of his revenue and thanks for a few holier than thou mothers with nothing better to do, Great Cakes suffered.