Papadum Done

Papadum — the very good, but lightly trafficked, Indian restaurant in Bridge Square — has closed.

“Sorry for the inconvenience” says a sign on the door.

Papadum opened just 8 months ago.

PapadumDoes Westport have too many Indian restaurants? Was the cuisine wrong for that part of town? Are there too many restaurants now in Saugatuck?

Is Bridge Square — with tough parking, and not-very-visible signage — not a great spot for dining? Did other factors lead to Papadum’s quick demise?

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20 responses to “Papadum Done

  1. That’s too bad – we very much enjoyed their food

  2. Both the entrances and the exits are torture. Note the 3 parking notices attesting to the problems awaiting you. Why bother? Bad retail mix…quick stop liquor, grab a coffee, and a fast Chinese take out with sit down restaurant. Ain’t gonna work. Every tenant competing for space, some with exclusive signage. Shame.

  3. the management was not experienced the lunch menu was unclear and i recall some customers challenging them about what was and was not included.. For me the food was fine but not spicy enough.. I would describe the restaurant as OK.. I did not go back although i did consider trying it again…

  4. Westport family

    I loved the view fom the restaurant, i was so excited when they opened. i tried to like the place–but actually got food poisoning there–so did my kids. It’s a real shame. I would go out of my way for good food at that location. Despite poor parking. Unfortunately this restaurant was not meant to be.

  5. Babette d'Yveine

    My husband and I ate there once. The people couldn’t have been nicer, but I’m afraid the food wasn’t as good as some of the other Indian restaurants in the area.

    However, those restaurants might not be” as good” any more. Bombay Club is now Mumbai Times, and Bangalore in Fairfield has just changed owners. We haven’t tried either of them yet. Maybe someone who has can give us a critique.

    • Mumbai Times doesn’t hold a candle to the original Indian place that was there (Before it was called Bombay Club…) And the decor is awful… I miss both the food and the warm interior of the previous place!

  6. The food was very good. It is hard to compete with the superb Coromandel and Mumbai Times (formerly Bombay Club) so close, and both offering absolutely top-level authentic Indian food at better prices.

  7. Oh nooooooo. I was a regular….their food was divine. I hope they contact me.


    We visited the restaurant several times and found the food pleasing and the service good. We are sorry to see them close and hope they find a location with more visibility and better parking. John & Jo Luscombe

  9. I didn’t know there was a new Indian restaurant in Bridge Square?! Didn’t they advertise?

  10. For what should be one of the crown jewels of Westport commercial real estate, that square really looks like a dump. All the people are great —wine store guys, Dunkin Donuts people, etc. but the whole place simply looks dirty. It is not that appealing as a destination in my opinion. I think management needs to spend a few bucks on maintenance and at least try to make it visually more appealing—some landscaping, a can of paint, and maybe a high quality sign that neatly displays all that the square has to offer. The dozen campaign-like signs advertising lunch specials need to go.

  11. I want to send props to Mumbai Times – the idea that it has suddenly gone downhill is absurd. The same key people are still there – it was an inside takeover. The food continues to be excellent as is the service. I actually think it is better than before.

    • Babette d'Yveine

      Thanks for clarifying that. We’ve been meaning to go, but haven’t had a chance yet.

  12. A westport parent

    We just had dinner at Mumbai Times. It was delicious… could not stop eating….. Highly recommend them. Food is fresh, tasty and spicy at the same time–

  13. To: One thought…. I couldn’t agree more. The whole corner looks dirty and unappealing. I never tred the restaurant for that reason. And it has a million dollar view!!!!

  14. We had dinner there shortly after it opened. While the food was OK, the waitstaff did not understand the concept of “unsweetened iced tea” it took them 3 tries to get it right. #1 glass had sugar, #2 glass had SALT (they thoughtfully brought the salt shaker in case we wanted more). After a lengthy talk with the owner/manager it was finally correct. Therefore, it’s not too surprising that this establishment failed to find a customer base.

  15. Babette d'Yveine has a photo of Papadum and an article stating — “Papadum Indian cuisine restaurant, which opened in April on Bridge Square (see WestportNow April 30, 2012), has closed temporarily and will re-open “in about 10 days,” according to property manager Tai Irwin. He said that the “kitchen on the lower level is being revamped” and that it sustained damage during Storm Sandy. Irwin said when the restaurant reopens it will have the same owners but said he is uncertain if it will retain the Papadum name.”

  16. In a word, p*a*r*k*i*n*g.

  17. an indian food fan

    Papadum was not a traditional Indian restaurant. It offered only Halal food for those who prefer that cuisine.

  18. an indian food fan