I’m not sure what this gate — at Long Lots School, near the community garden — protects. There’s nothing else there — just a gate.

I can’t figure out what it pens in.

Or keeps out.

But there must be a reason. No one in Westport is crazy enough to build a gate without a fence. Right?

Click “Comments” if you know the story behind the gate.

Or in front of it.

8 responses to “Gate

  1. The 4th dimension?

  2. I think it is art.

  3. Definitely, Art.

  4. Having went to Coleytown, it makes a lot of sense!

  5. the posts for a gate are held by more concrete than the removal team had energy to remove. its safe to leave the gate than just the two posts. that is institutional-type thinking, my friends.

  6. Boomer’s grammar is such that that it seems he needs to return to Coleytown. “Having WENT” ???


  7. Maybe they lead to Terabithia.