One Man’s Many Thanks

RTM member Don Bergmann sent this email to First Selectman Gordon Joseloff, Police Chief Dale Call, Fire Chief Andrew Kingsbury, Public Works director Steve Edwards, Parks and Rec director Stuart McCarthy, and Human Services head Barbara Butler — plus all town employees and volunteers.

It’s a sentiment worth repeating, loud and often, by every Westporter:

As I have said to some of you personally already, you all did a terrific job during and after Sandy. All I have spoken with have expressed the same sentiment.

While some of you may simply say “that’s my job,” your performance was so much more than that. I and the whole town thank you. Please share my thoughts with all of your people.

Nate Gibbons — the face behind the voice.

Whether it was the emergency radio information (Nate Gibbons is ready for “prime time”), the advance warnings, the regular flow of information, the incredible cleanup of our roads and especially our beach areas, the pressure applied to CL&P, the efficient and effective manner in which the electrical issues in our low-lying areas were addressed and the work of people such as Barbara Butler, Sue Pfister and so many others (and of course all within our fire and police departments, most of whom are not known to us by name), all became a testatment to the skills and commitments of you and the many who work for and with you.

Thank you.



15 responses to “One Man’s Many Thanks

  1. Betty Lou Cummings

    Nate Gibbons did a fabulous job…a calming voice a time we needed it.Thank you Nate…you should go prime time!….hugs, Betty Lou Cummings

  2. Kim Crowther Manning

    When I heard Nate Gibbons signing off for the last time it was bittersweet for me. It was a relief to know that the worst was over and that all (or most) of us in town had our power back (although I’m STILL without cable), but I was also oddly sad that I wouldn’t be able to tune in to hear his updates and his reassuring voice. He was my only connection to what was going on outside of my neighborhood after the storm, and I was grateful every day to be provided that important information. And the best part is, now if anyone asks me the meaning of Flotsam and Jetsam, I can answer with confidence! Thanks, Nate!

  3. Well said, Don. We all have much to be thankful for in the aftermath of the recent storms, not the least of which are our town workers who labored tirelessly to keep us safe and to get us up and running. We are fortunate to be blessed with so many competent and committed folks.

  4. Here, here , Don, as I join the ranks of those who are so grateful for the commitment of our town workers.
    I also wish to express thanks to some town departments that work all year long, and year after year, to keep us safe: Planning/Zoning and Conservation. Though there are times that some residents may find property regulations frustrating, some of these regulations such as finished first floor heights and anti-disposing of yard waste in waterways have helped to save many homes from flooding waters. Alicia Mozian, Conservation Director, worked hard to reduce our FEMA costs. In the big picture, we have a lot to be thankful for.
    This is going to be a powerful Thanksgiving.

  5. A heartfelt thanks to all – too many to mention here. But I save special thanks for Nate Gibbons and his informative and amusing broadcasts (radio was my only real connection to the outside world too). And the firemen who detangled my car from power lines. (Sorry again about that). One fireman at the scene said he had worked FIVE consecutive 24-hour shifts. Wow. The first responders deserve medals for their outstanding efforts.

  6. We have quite a town.

  7. I attended an Emergency Operations meeting at Fire HQ a week after Sandy hit. I was blown away (no pun intended) by the professionalism and dedication of everyone in the room – the Selectman, police and fire chiefs, public works, parks and rec, the CL&P official (yes, you read correctly), and the dispatcher taking phone calls from residents (and making phone calls to follow up and provide assistance). Everyone in the room cared about every outage and every situation. Now that the emergency is over, we can reflect back and learn from this experience. There will certainly be a next time. Thank you to everyone who helped us get through this safely.

  8. I too thought Nate Gibbons did an extraordinary job. His reports were so helpful and friendly at the same time. His calm manner of speaking was so reassuring during those difficult days. Thanks, Nate. And I agree with Betty Lou, you are definitely ready for prime time. Maybe a second career with Channel 12 News.

  9. We interviewed Nate for the Staples High School TV show, Good Morning Staples. During the interview, it was suggested that Nate should do a weekly show for the Town, you know… maybe a 30 minute update on things like home safety, etc. The Fire Department certainly has that within their infrastructure to accomplish it. We even made this suggestion to the First Selectman.

    I live in Fairfield and I listened to Nate’s broadcast everyday to get an idea of the status of the Town and an approximation of when we would reopen the Schools. He was great.

    If you want to hear his interview on Good Morning Staples, it is the news piece after the Pledge. Here’s the link:

    Good job Nate Gibbons!

    Jim Honeycutt
    Staples High School Media Lab

  10. carolyn malkin

    I second this emotion. Nate’s voice was so professional and comforting during the long blackout and he kept a sense of humor going through it all! The daily updates were wonderful. Despite CLP’s slow response, our town officials kept us thoroughly informed which reduced the stress of waiting. Thank you for your hard work!

  11. Michelle Ludel

    couldn’t have made it through the week without Nate. As many have stated, he was our only connection as to what was going on in town. Calming voice with a great sense of humor!

  12. Dick Lowenstein

    How about “melliflous”? Actually, what I told Nate was that he sounded very good. We did prertty well in Westport, thanks to some comforting words from our two good broadcast voices.

  13. We’re in Nate withdrawal here in Weston. It’s the only reason to look forward to the next weather event. Nate, You Rock!!!!


    I couldn’t agree more! It was outstanding!
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