So Near, And Yet So Far

This New Hampshire Public Works truck was spotted on Colony Road around noon today:

A few minutes later, our alert “06880” reader/photographer returned to check on its progress.

The truck had vanished, leaving this in its wake:

5 responses to “So Near, And Yet So Far

  1. The cavalry has just arrived off Roseville. Spoke to the guys from New Hampshire. I was so impressed with their diligence. They were removing branches from wires to prevent next year’s problems. Really great service and friendly.

  2. Don’t you mean next WEEK’S problem?

    • I was in New Jersey today to visit one of our stores that got flooded by the Hudson River. We reopened early this AM and helped bring some much needed normalcy to the hard hit communities. Puts everything into perspective.

  3. People I know who live on Colony say they got their power back for a few hours, but now it is out again!

  4. Any word on Cardinal Lane? It looks like a bomb went off there.