If There’s Gonna Be School On Monday…

…this stretch of North Avenue — a major route between Staples, Bedford Middle, Coleytown Middle and Coleytown El — will have to be cleared.

This is the scene today, at the sharp curve just north of the Merritt Parkway bridge.

(Photos by Avi Silberman)

6 responses to “If There’s Gonna Be School On Monday…

  1. That’s an alien probe on the street !

  2. Tuesday the schools are closed for elections.

    No school Monday is the right move.. One more day would be helpful.

  3. Kiss February break goodbye….

  4. Why is westportpatch reporting that there is school on Mon? They quoted the WFD saying schools are open. That was NOT the message received yesterday and there are still lots of roads blocked. No way school busses are going to be able to safely maneuver unless a tree and power line cleaning miracle occurs. Not to mention that tons of students and staff have been living without power, hot water, etc for days and days. Which is it -Open, closed, or they really have to wait and see?