Help Thy Neighbor (And Thy Town)

Inspired by Staples students who volunteered over the past few days to restore Longshore, Old Mill and Soundview, many Westporters have asked how they can pitch in too.

Town officials say that at Longshore and the beaches, work is now of the heavy equipment/skilled professional type.

However, there are countless other opportunities to help. Teenagers, younger kids, entire families, individuals — any and all can roam their neighborhoods.

All around town, there’s work to be done.

Look for debris that needs clearing. Knock on senior citizens’ doors; ask what they need, from tossing food from refrigerators to bringing more blankets. Go to public places like schools and small parks; see what needs doing — then do it.

Westport is filled with willing manpower. Woman and kidpower too.

Many hands make light work.

Now, if they could only make the lights work…

4 responses to “Help Thy Neighbor (And Thy Town)

  1. Fairfield’s “Block Party” (grass roots volunteer organization) will be working to put together volunteer lists help begin the daunting cleanup required to help our neighbors put their lives together. To volunteer go to our website at

  2. It’s great when people help others. Gives me confidence in humankind and makes my heart smile.

  3. This is fantastic as always Dan, and I commend your Soccer guys for their undoubtedly hard work. But its been on the news (we had a few knocks already), that there is a “FEMA-like scam” going on, people are posing as an authority figure and knocking on doors, asking if people need work done (perhaps solicitation for their business-just a guess). So great ideas, but good to know the person your asking to help or who is asking, if possible, as well. Not sure what to make of it, and don’t know all of the details. Just a head’s up.