Kids These Days!

It’s been a tough week for the Hood family.

On Thursday, 21-year-old Austin died. Four days later, Hurricane Sandy slammed into the Hoods’ home on Soundview Drive. Among much other damage, a couple of tons of sand ended up on the Hoods’ front lawn.

Sebo Hood is a soccer player at Staples. Fellow Wrecker Charlie Leonard came up with an idea: Shovel the yard.

As head coach, I sent a text message to all 68 varsity, JV and freshman soccer players. The response was immediate.

Andreas Refvik (left) and Andrew Puchala remove some of the massive amount of sand in the Hoods’ front lawn.

This morning, 40 boys showed up — armed with shovels and wheelbarrows. Many others apologized, saying they had no way to get there — or were busy cleaning up their own property.

Working hard until nearly 2 p.m., the Wreckers removed several feet of sand. They wheeled it across Soundview, back to the beach where it belonged. It was a massive undertaking. At the end, the Hoods rewarded the players (augmented by friends and neighbors) with pizzas.

They didn’t have to, of course. But the guys were definitely hungry.

When the soccer players began, sand was up to the top of the stone path.

Meanwhile this afternoon, dozens of other Staples students responded to a Parks and Rec call to clean up the golf course. They brought rakes, fanned out, and got to work. It was an immense help — and greatly appreciated.

There are 1800 Stapleites ready to help clean up our town, wherever it’s needed: the beach, Longshore, businesses, roads, homes. Middle schoolers — even those in elementary school — can pitch in too.

If you know a need, click “Comments.” Include contact information too.

Parents, check out the “Comments” section to see what’s needed. If you see somewhere your sons and daughters can help, please tell them.

Recovering from Hurricane Sandy won’t be easy. But Westport’s kids are ready to pitch in.

And all they need is pizza.

Varsity co-captain Joe Greenwald and freshman Noah Schwaeber work together during the cleanup.

9 responses to “Kids These Days!

  1. Dan
    You’re the best. The Hoods are great folks. Such a sad week.

  2. Original post had a typo. It’s “40 boys,” not “4,” who showed up.

  3. What a wonderful first class act of kindness!

  4. Wld love for my kindergartener and first grader to be able to help out however/wherever needed . Does anyone know of any opportunities for this age group? Thanks so much.

  5. i would love for my K, 2nd & 3rd grade boy to help out tomorrow. me too! please email me where we could be of use. Thanks!

  6. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Sebo so sad for your loss, I hope you can find strength in the most fantastic friends and teammates a young man could have. Charlie Leonard you really stepped up to the plate with this awesome idea. It’s selfless acts like this that make me very proud to know these young men.

  7. Congatulation to all the young people, Staples and parents who obviously have contributed to the finest of human values – caring and concern for your family, your neighbors and community. BRAVO !

  8. Kudos to Charlie, the team, their parents, and you Coach for instilling the best of values in these young men/women which obviously laid the foundation for them to take the action they have taken!

  9. Nathan Bird '91

    The Staples soccer program, led by Dan, never ceases to amaze me. Always contributing and supporting the fraternity and community of Westport…and beyond. I’m proud to be an alumni and am always available to pitch in.