That’s The (Green’s Farms) Spirit!

When life gives you lemons, you’re supposed to make lemonade.

When Hurricane Sandy cut power to his store, Jack Riley kept it open anyway.

Fortunately for thirsty Westporters, Jack owns Green’s Farms Spirit Shop.

There was not a lot of light inside today. But that did not keep a steady stream of customers from buying beer, wine, hard liquor, and anything else they could carry away.

Jack Riley, his open door and dark — but bustling — store.

The credit card terminal wasn’t working, but that didn’t stop Jack. He wrote card numbers by hand. At some point, he’ll process them.

“We’ll stay open till it’s too dark to see,” he promises.

Same thing tomorrow.  Jack thinks he may still have ice then.

“Thank God you’re open!” one customer said. “I can’t make it through a 2nd day with my in-laws without alcohol.”

4 responses to “That’s The (Green’s Farms) Spirit!

  1. Jack’s a great guy. More power to him for sticking it out and serving the community on a really tough day.

  2. Well, when I stopped by around 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, the store was closed!

    • As noted in the story, Jack said he would stay open until it was too dark to see. With no interior lights, 5 p.m. is kinda dark.

  3. Jack Riley is America! He is one of the hardest working men ever! He originated the “Working Lunch” by working while stuffing a hot dog down his throat on a table made of wine crates!!!! Great Guy! The only other Westporter like him was Joe Arcudi! I remember the hurricane in the 80’s and Joe stayed open using a Generator!!!!! Rock on Jack!!!!!