Scenes From Sandy — Part 2

Visitors to this home on North Turkey Hill should use the side entrance. Damage, fortunately, appeared slight.

At 3 p.m. today, the North Avenue bridge over the Merritt Parkway remained blocked by 4 separate trees.

Even Westport Police headquarters was not immune to downed power lines. At 1 p.m. today — though not live — they still hung down.

All along Main Street, merchants and clean-up crews pumped water, removed sandbags and swept up debris.


It takes strong winds to uproot a tree this big. This scene on Cob Drive was repeated throughout Westport.

The Wakeman Field port-o-potties. Hurricane Sandy did what teenagers are supposed to do on Halloween. Sandy also got rid of Halloween.

2 responses to “Scenes From Sandy — Part 2

  1. A renewed call for COSI- The Connecticut Open Skies Initiative! Join the movement to cut down homicidal trees! Enough is enough