Holy S—!

And the “S” in the title does not stand for Sandy.


Everyone was right.

That was one hell of a storm.

A scary day — and a scarier night.

Way too much damage to even begin to catalog it.

But we need to share.

Please use the “Comments” section as a community bulletin board.

Tell us what you need. Tell us what’s open. Tell us what we need to know.

Just click “Comments,” and let the community conversation begin.

PS:  Updates:  Westport schools are closed through at least Wednesday. The library is closed until further notice. Two National Guard vehicles have arrived to help.

Greenbrier Road — off Easton — suffered extensive damage yesterday. It was a scene seen all around town. (Photo by Kathie Bennewitz)

4 responses to “Holy S—!

  1. Viva Zapatas will be open at noon.

  2. Our neighborhood up near town was mercifully spared much from the storm and we all feel an abundance of gratitude for that. We want to help but don’t know who needs what. Please advise and let me know at kira.rukin@gmail.com if you know of an area or a family who needs help.

  3. “By 12:00 today we hope to have all of the Barcelonas and Bartacos open, with the exception of Bar Taco in Port Chester. We will have working bathrooms, outlets available for charging, and free WiFi for internet. Please feel free to come in and use them as you like.
    No purchase required; in fact, feel free to bring in your own food, if you like.
    Wishing everyone a safe and speedy recovery,

  4. Westport Invitations has power, cable and phone available for anyone to stop by and get free charging. If you see the light on inside and a truck outside, come on in. We’ll be open all week if you need to get out of the house.