Any Port After A Storm

The Westport Library planned to open today at 1 p.m.

At 12:40, people of all ages were already lined up outside.

The library let them in. All afternoon long, they kept coming.

After a recent storm — we’ve had so many, employees forgot which one — the library realized only 120 people  could access wireless simultaneously.

So the library doubled its access points. They figured that would handle everyone.

By mid-afternoon, Wi-Fi was maxed out.

Using a laptop, charging a laptop, playing chess, chatting — even shaving — were all part of the Westport Library’s post-Sandy offerings.

Library director Maxine Bleiweis is in the midst of a long-planned trip to Turkey. But — true to form — she checked in often, yesterday and today.

Officials promise that Friday night’s Teen Haunted Library — for grades 6 through 12 — is still on.

It might be the only Halloween Westport sees this year.

5 responses to “Any Port After A Storm

  1. Westport family

    Where is con Ed??? No trucks in sight. I’m going to switch providers ASAP!!!

  2. Con Ed? You have the wrong state…it’s CL&P or UI here, neither takes home roses.

  3. Westport family

    You right!! I meant CL&p— where are they???

  4. formerlycompo

    obviously a newbie -should have stayed in Manhattan – either UES or UWS all is fine

  5. Post storm response has been beyond reproach. Between 5am and 5pm they managed to get zero percent of the town restored… I mean, how could it possibly have been any better? I am so glad that they said they put pre positioned crews in every town….