Stop, Thief!

Hot on the heels of another torrid “06880” discussion, the Westport Police Department notes that they have received “a number of phone calls” regarding the theft of campaign signs. They remind Westporters that this is not exactly legal.

Chief Dale Call says: “The taking of campaign signs from either private or public property that their presence is allowed on will not be tolerated, and is subject to a criminal arrest.”

He offers this alternative: “A better way to indicate a person’s voting preference is at the polls.”

7 responses to “Stop, Thief!

  1. Ooops.

    Sorry About That.

    My Bad.

    • Bad boy. Go turn yourself in..right now!

      • Sorry…I will only concentrate on the stupid “Event” signs and “Sign-Up for This!!” signs that clutter the sides of our roads in our quaint little New England village from now on!

  2. No More Signs !!!

  3. Babette d'Yveine

    Have any signs ever convinced someone to change their vote?

  4. I vote based on the amount of signs I see, not issues.

    Dear Dan, Could I/we trouble you to check with Chief Call about removing signs that are illegally posted on State properties? Shouldn’t the candidates be subjected to charges for violating laws created by the Connecticut General Assembly. If the PD is going to charge those who “steal” the signs, perhaps it would be an appropriate balance to file charges against the various campaigns. Or are the politicians above the law? It is humorous to read that a few missing signs have the candidates’ undies in a bunch. Yup, campaign signs are a burning issue to the public.

  5. Wait…so they will prosecute for a good samaritan removing the signs but not for illegally posting them? Did I miss something?
    -Missing Link