Saugatuck Nursery School Heads Closer To Home

When a fire roared through the Saugatuck Congregational Church last November, it devastated more than Sunday services.

A host of important programs — including dozens of 12-step groups — scrambled to find new meeting sites.

So did the highly regarded, and very popular, nursery school.

The directors, teachers and school committee did a fantastic job keeping the tight-knit community together, during 2 separate relocations.

The Westport Weston Family Y generously provided the first space. Larger quarters were eventually found at the Christian Science church on Compo  Road South. The nursery school is grateful to be stable, in unsettling times.

But this year, the directors and teachers face a new reality. Most items were lost in the fire. The replacement budget is minimal. So the upcoming Fall Harvest Festival — the school’s big annual fundraiser — is more important than ever.

It’s set for the church’s spacious front lawn next Saturday, October 13 (10 a.m.  to 4 p.m.). There will be pony rides, hayrides, face painting, scarecrow building, pumpkin picking and decorating, food and games.

The nursery school isn’t home yet. But on Saturday, you can help them get there.

8 responses to “Saugatuck Nursery School Heads Closer To Home

  1. Ann Bacharach

    Hey, Dan – any way to send a contribution if you can’t make it to the event?

  2. melody james

    Thanks for posting about the upcoming Saugatuck Nursery School event. My Mom, Florence James Shook, was one of the founders of the school and it has a terrific legacy. The idea for an integrated nursery school in Westport was born at the Tougaloo College Choir’s concert in NYC on the NIGHT Martin Luther King was assassinated. My Mom and a few others from Saugatuck Congregational Church were in attendance and immediately responded to the tragic news with, “What can we DO? What can we do to show we care…” And it wasn’t just TALK. For the first years of the school women would drive to Norwalk and transport children from the neighboring town–not yet having a vibrant Headstart–and the history of this wonderful school began with wonderful directors, teachers, parents and board members over the 40+ years! My mother died not quite a year ago and this school was such an important part of her life and her contribution to Westport. She remained on the Board and active till she was 96. Ellen DeHuff, the current director and Patty Doolittle, past director and Board Chair are terrific, compassionate leaders of this remarkable school. I hope families will enjoy the fall harvest event, as this school continues its mission and vitality for children of all races and cultural backgrounds to learn together.

  3. nice post

  4. Thanks Dan, for announcing this special family fun day to support our school. We look forward to a day filled with pony rides, hay rides, pumpkin decorating and many other activities that will delight children of all ages. I too, am a life-long Westport resident and am proud to be the director of the best little nursery school in town. Just like you….Saugatuck Nursery School is a fixture in Westport. 🙂